Andy Cleff

Agile Transformation Coach

"We are here to learn, to make a difference and to have fun."

W. Edwards Deming


  • Agile Business Consortium 2024 Awards

As a coach, I will…

  • Bring multiple perspectives
  • Enable step changes that bridge current and future states
  • Allow space for both order and chaos simultaneously
  • Celebrate success
  • Put the people at the top of the priority list


Meet Andy, an Agile expert with over two decades of experience in various corporate and startup settings. Andy is no ordinary Agile practitioner; he’s a dedicated Agile humanist.

Andy’s superpowers include prioritizing people above all else, employing compassion and common sense in his work, and adapting to different situations seamlessly. He’s equally comfortable working with teams, delving into management challenges, or guiding leadership toward success.

A strong advocate for Agile values and principles, Andy has made his mark as a frequent host on the AgileUprising podcast and maintains a blog at, where he shares insights on moving beyond the basics and into the exciting journey of achieving high performance.

Andy’s mission extends beyond the professional realm. He is passionate about fostering a culture of respect, acknowledgment, self-management, and continual improvement. Plus, he ensures that everyone enjoys the ride, because, for Andy, Agile isn’t just a process; it’s a way of life!