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Greg Selvin
Agile Transformation Coach

Greg Selvin lends his over twenty years of experience to help organizations improve the quality and suitability of their products, speed to market, alignment of costs with economic outcomes, while improving employee morale and retention. He is an Agile Coach who knows how to develop software efficiently, applying a mix of methodologies & frameworks, best practices, tooling, and people skills. He’s an experienced trainer on many Agile topics, including Scrum, XP, and Kanban. Greg has excelled in a variety of roles, including development, QA, Business Architecture and Analysis, Product Ownership, and Product Management. Greg has spoken at conferences on Agile Forecasting and Estimation, Team Building, and the application of the Drama Triangle to culture.

Greg is a Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC) 5, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and certified Conflict Coach.