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Kirsten Maitland
Agile Coach

Kirsten Maitland has over a decade of experience with Agile implementations, organizational / team coaching, diverse methodologies, and enterprise-wide initiatives that infuse workplace structure, improvements, and high-morale productivity.

Ms. Maitland is in her element when contributing her expertise as an Agile Coach and Thought Leader. Her promised ROI is in delivering on Expectations, Empowerment, Enhancements, and Excellence. She’s known for taking deep dives into challenges and issues, seeing what’s often missed, connecting the concrete details with the abstract business strategies, and removing roadblocks before they happen.

Ms. Maitland introduced and piloted EMC – Isilon’s Agile (and Scrum) frameworks, from adoption and training through ongoing standardization. She headed a department-wide portfolio and led multiple process-improvement efforts for Microsoft with exceptional turnaround results. She pioneered Blackberry – RIM’s department-wide Agile implementation and was handpicked to lead top-priority projects in the millions of dollars, for 50 million people, simultaneously co-creating their PM Toolkit (now the standard).  As Champion for Group Health Cooperative’s new Lean / Agile processes, she expeditiously wrapped up dragging three-year projects, led numerous teams through their transition to Agile, and mentored project managers through initiatives.

She is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Project Management Certified, ITIL Certified, Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Product Owner (Scrum Alliance).