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Path to Agility Facilitator®

We are revamping the Path to Agility Facilitator program. Stay tuned for more details or email if you have any questions.

In this workshop, you will learn how to strategize and facilitate the use of the Path to Agility Framework to help organizations achieve their business outcomes through their Agile transformation journey.

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About Path to Agility

Organizations today are facing massive challenges when it comes to achieving agility. Path to Agility is an outcomes-based transformation approach that helps organizations focus on successfully achieving desired results when undergoing an Agile transformation.

With over 50% of Agile transformations failing to deliver the benefits Agile promises, this costs companies millions of dollars while increasing frustration and churn. Path to Agility is the response to this growing problem.

About this Workshop

In this workshop, you will extend the foundational knowledge of the Certified Path to Agility Practitioner workshop, focusing on how to have impactful conversations that lead to concrete action. Learn about setting transformation strategy, techniques to evaluate agile outcomes and capabilities, and designing and facilitating leadership sessions using Path to Agility.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for experienced transformation coaches, either internal to an organization or external consultants, who want to provide better guidance from the Team to Executive Leadership levels.

Minimum Requirements

Experienced Agile transformation coach (CEC, CTC, ICP-ENT, or ICP-CAT) **

**We reserve the right to deny access for those who do not possess enough transformation coaching experience

Don’t have experience yet?

Consider completing the Certified Path to Agility Practitioner course, to gain an understanding of the fundamentals for Agile transformations and change.

What do I get?

  • After attending and upon signing facilitator agreement, you will receive:
  • Path to Agility Card Deck (Retails at $400)
  • Path to Agility Assessment Tool
  • Path to Agility Training Content
  • Path to Agility Facilitator Community Access, exclusive to only Certified Path to Agility Facilitators
  • License to train Certified Path to Agility Practitioners

Key Learning Outcomes

  • A brief review of Path to Agility and how it affects each level of an organization
  • How to lead change at the organizational level using Path to Agility
  • How to use Path to Agility to create leadership agility shifts
  • How to set strategy for using Path to Agility to coach organizations through optimizing the flow of value delivery by descaling, reducing volatility, and optimizing the whole
  • How to facilitate Path to Agility sessions, from Teams to Leadership
  • Common objections in change and Agile transformations, and how to address them

Workshop Outline (Subject to Change)

Path to Agility

  • 5 Stages
  • 3 Levels
  • 9 Business Outcomes
  • 30+ Agile Outcomes
  • 100+ Agile Capabilities

Organization Level Topics

  • Advanced topics in Leading Change
  • Agile Leadership Team Structure
  • Agile Leadership Shifts
  • Path to Agility Leadership Facilitation

System Level Topics

  • Common system descaling patterns
  • Setting strategy for descaling the system

Team Level Topics

  • Path to Agility Team Facilitation
  • Team Adoption from Align to Predict

Path to Agility Product Structure

  • Assessment Tool
  • Progress Reporting

Minimum Requirements for becoming Certified Path to Agility Facilitator

  • Certified Path to Agility Facilitators are at the top of their game and exemplify leadership, especially in transformation initiatives. They are experienced in helping companies achieve their goals using the outcomes-based design of Path to Agility.
  • Completion of Certified Path to Agility Facilitator course.
  • Signing the Certified Path to Agility Facilitator Agreement (available after completion of the Certified Path to Agility Facilitator course).

Upon receiving Certified Path to Agility Facilitator status, a nominal annual renewal process is required to ensure you are enabled to effectively utilize the latest developments with Path to Agility.

Options for this workshop

If you want to send multiple participants, or have a large group of people at your organization you would like to send to this workshop, consider a private, onsite workshop. Contact

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