Setting the Baseline for Transformation Success

The goal for the Agile transformation cannot be to “do Agile.” Rather, understanding and communicating the business objectives to be achieved with the transformation is a critical first step toward effective agility. The Agile Assessment ensures organizations have clear and measurable objectives to which everyone is committed to achieving, setting the transformation up for success.

During a multi-week time period, Agile Velocity will work with teams and key leaders to provide an assessment of current processes, complete with baseline measurements when possible. The assessment identifies potential improvements, as well as recommendations for becoming more effective.


Perform Assessment

The Agile Coach will observe, survey, and interview key team members and leaders to understand current environment, culture, processes and create a value stream map to visualize time spent in stages of product development. After data is gathered, the coach  will analyze the information to put forth recommendations to expedite processes and create value.

Launch Leadership

The Agile Coach will work with leadership to create a transformation roadmap and a backlog with prioritized items. The coach will also work with the team to create working agreements for completing backlog items and defining roles and expectations.

Prepare Team

Initial teams will be defined and the appropriate prerequisites identified to begin the process. Any missing roles will be filled and proper teams formed.

Guide Leadership

What will the organization be like post-Agile transformation and what will leadership’s role be in the new environment? These and other questions will be answered in a workshop that will educate leadership on the Agile transformation journey and their role post adoption. Workshop outcomes include defined measurable goals, formation of a transformation team, and a defined Agile communication plan. The assessment will be followed up with 2 hour remote leadership coaching sessions at 30, 60 and 90 days for key leaders and stakeholders.

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