Lead the Agile Transformation Forward

During an Agile transformation, every facet of how work gets done– from how it is organized, funded, monitored, measured, incentivized, and delivered– will be challenged. Even how the vision is created will shift. This is beyond the team, even beyond the department. Cultural and structural roadblocks can only be removed by the leadership. Leaders are instrumental in creating a culture and environment that allows Agile to take root and thrive.

Agile transformation coaching helps leaders set the tone and pave the way for agility by helping them align the mission across all levels, modeling the Agile mindset and practices, and helping them create an environment that sustains newfound agility. Agile organizational coaches push leadership to move the transformation forward and will make sure behaviors do not revert back to old destructive habits.

What to Expect from an Agile Organizational Coach

Organizational Alignment

“Agile” is all too often seen as something only technology teams do and other functional areas are seen as providing inputs to or waiting for outputs of the delivery process. Agile transformation coaches focus on ensuring alignment across the core functions of the business with one team working together to build something end-to-end that drives the company’s goals. 

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Survey after survey confirms that culture continues to be the downfall of many Agile transformations. Here, leaders learn how to create and foster a culture that rewards continuous learning and improvement. They learn how to use the transparency inherent in Agile processes to unlock potential, not micromanage teams.

Cultivate the Mindset of an Agile Leader

Coaching leaders how to engage the team during the transformation will accelerate change and mitigate the risk of Agile rejection. Organizational coaches help leaders focus on the biggest-value items and avoid making harmful decisions in a lighter-touch, laser-focused manner.

As an organization becomes more Agile, teams are empowered to self-organize around their work, leaving time for leaders to focus on setting strategic vision and ensuring alignment across the organization. They also have more time support their teams as servant leaders, removing impediments, providing mentorship, and professional development.

Higher-view Perspective without Bias

An Agile Organizational Coach has a higher vantage point than the leadership team and provides a fresh perspective that can help with decision-making.

Help the Agile Transformation Succeed

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Agile Coaching Feedback

Kasasa by BancVue

“When you get training and coaching from Agile Velocity, you know you’re going to get quality training including interactive exercises, innovation games and training from the back of the room techniques rather than the typical stand up and read from a slide deck approach. Beyond actual classroom training, the on-site coaching and office hours proved to be critical to our transformation as a coach was there to observe, provide feedback, answer questions and really get us started by moving us to practice quickly. To my knowledge, Agile Velocity is the the best in the business.”

Wayne Fueling Enterprises

“I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor. Their team of experts have been a huge benefit in accelerating my team operationally in an Agile environment.”


“Before working with Agile Velocity we never finished a sprint. We now are completing sprints consistently and pulling in additional work.”