Agile Velocity is a member of the Scaled Agile® Partner Network. 

Our trainers and coaches have many years of hands-on experience creating and executing an Agile scaling strategy for organizations–including Scaled Agile Framework® using the SAFe® Implementation Roadmap. We can conduct private training for all SAFe classes as well as coach teams and organizations through their first Agile Release Train and beyond. 

Training, coaching or a full-blown SAFe transformation–we are here to help guide you through a successful SAFe implementation with a focus on achieving your desired business outcomes. 

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Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® With Agile Velocity

We take a pragmatic approach to scaling Agile and transforming the whole enterprise. Our job as experts is to address the unique pains and goals of the organization, assess how teams are doing against their objectives, and work with leadership to create a plan for success.

Our Process

1. Assess readiness for scaling Agile across the enterprise

Our main scaling philosophy is “Scale the excellence.” During this step, our coaches will work with teams and leadership to determine if you have a strong Agile foundation before executing a SAFe implementation.

2. Determine Agile scaling strategy

Using our mastery of frameworks including the Scaled Agile Framework, we work with leadership to create a scaling strategy that works to accomplish business objectives.

3. Full steam ahead

We have the capability to partner with organizations to help them execute the SAFe® implementation roadmap in part (training or coaching) or in full (training and coaching) for a  Scaled Agile transformation.  

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Scale Agile from one team to hundreds using the Scaled Agile Framework®.

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Our Scaled Agile® Training Courses

Start your Scaled Agile transformation on the right foot by building a common foundation of knowledge within the organization. We offer the following courses as private, onsite training for your organization:

Leading SAFe®

SAFe® for Teams

SAFe® Scrum Master


SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

And More…

Our SAFe® Certified Coaches

Our scaled Agile coach will help your organization identify value streams, create an implementation plan, and then work with teams to successfully execute Agile Release Trains and value streams. Scaled Agile coaches will also work with leadership to extend SAFe® beyond teams to sustain momentum though advanced training, coaching, and mentorship.

Agile Coach and Trainer, Mike Hall

Mike Hall

Agile Coach and Trainer, Erika Lenz

Erika Lenz

Agile Coach and Trainer, Lorena Connolly

Lorena Connolly

Agile Coach and Trainer, Kerri Sutey

Kerri Sutey

Agile Coach and Trainer, Joe Mills

Joe Mills

Agile Coach and Trainer, Melissa Link

Melissa Link

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