Expand Agile Beyond the Team Level

Agile Systems Coaching aligns and coordinates activities to optimize value delivery across multiple teams and departments. They support and guide product, project, leadership, and business stakeholders to implement scaling best-practices and resolve cross-team impediments to Agile delivery.

We’re not here to push a favorite framework.

Our Agile Systems Coaches have experience applying various scaling frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, SoS, etc) and will apply practices best suited to the environment in order to get the full engagement of teams under a coordinated program.

What to Expect from an Agile Systems Coach

Create Scaling Infrastructure

Working with leadership and teams, Agile Systems Coaches will determine which, if any, scaling framework is best for the organization and tools to support their adoption. They will help implement the planning strategy, including creating mechanisms to forecast work across multiple teams and a way to balance the need for responsiveness with the need to become predictable.

Create Visibility

What is the impact of change? How will teams know when real progress against a cross-team goal is being made? Coaches will work with leadership to set goals and create a system to track progress across numerous teams and will analyze the environment to identify impediments and determine quick solutions.

Shorter Feedback Loops

Agile Systems Coaches help teams engage stakeholders faster to shorten feedback loops, with the ultimate goal of getting products in the hands of users as quickly as possible.

Prioritize Initiatives

The Agile Systems Coach will support leadership in creating a system for identifying and prioritizing initiatives across programs and portfolios, then work with stakeholders to order the initiatives in a way that strikes a balance between value and complexity.

Achieve Product Flow

Systems Coaches will examine the entire value stream for ways to limit dependencies and minimize handoff, optimizing the entire idea to product system. In addition, current impediments will be addressed and a mitigation strategy created to allay future organizational roadblocks. Opportunities to apply DevOps practices will be identified and rollout strategies will be defined.

Create Value-Driven System & Culture

The Scaling Coach will engage stakeholders to shift from output to outcome, from project to product. They will work with teams to create a common product vision and then partner with business to define and support the vision. The Coach will also help teams to engage stakeholders faster to shorten feedback loops.

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Agile Coaching Feedback

Kasasa by BancVue

“When you get training and coaching from Agile Velocity, you know you’re going to get quality training including interactive exercises, innovation games and training from the back of the room techniques rather than the typical stand up and read from a slide deck approach. Beyond actual classroom training, the on-site coaching and office hours proved to be critical to our transformation as a coach was there to observe, provide feedback, answer questions and really get us started by moving us to practice quickly. To my knowledge, Agile Velocity is the the best in the business.”

Wayne Fueling Enterprises

“I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor. Their team of experts have been a huge benefit in accelerating my team operationally in an Agile environment.”


“Before working with Agile Velocity we never finished a sprint. We now are completing sprints consistently and pulling in additional work.”