Only Half of Agile Transformations Succeed

Agile Transformations fail because organizations begin without a clear direction and the courage to change their behavior. Most organizations that have contacted us to revive a stalled Agile transformation struggled because they did not know it required more than just training one team or department.

Completing an Agile Transformation means completing the entire Path to Agility, from Align to Adapt. It also means committing to going beyond tech.

Agile Transformation From Align to Adapt

We help organizations complete the full journey by providing services for every phase of the Path to Agility, even before the adoption and transformation begins.

Agile Assessment

An Agile assessment ensures organizations have clear and measurable business objectives everyone is committed to achieving. Agile Velocity will work with teams and key leaders to assess current processes with baseline measurements, identify potential improvements, and make recommendations for becoming more effective.

Designing a Unique Agile Transformation Roadmap

A team of Agile Coaches will use the findings from the Agile Assessment to craft a customized Agile Transformation roadmap that will guide your unique organization through the full Path to Agility.  This includes helping leadership choose which teams or project will kickoff the transformation.

Agile Training

Agile transformations begin by learning new concepts for working and understanding how to apply those new practices. From SAFe® to CSM, we provide a number of courses that can help meet the individual needs of the organization.

Team Adoption

Teams will work with  Agile Velocity Agile Coaches to help guide and support them through the adoption and learning of these new techniques during the first iteration sequences. Initially, they focus on helping teams transition but move to optimization as teams gain confidence and ability.

System-level Improvement

As teams work to adopt new practices,  coaches will also support changes necessary at a product and project planning level and determine how these initiatives are organized, estimated, planned, and staffed. Our Senior Agile Coaches will work with teams to apply scaling techniques appropriate to the particular environment, be it SAFe®, LeSS®, etc.  

Leadership and Organizational Change

Agile transformations will impact the culture, structure, and leadership style of the organization. Our Enterprise Coaches work with employees from front-line managers to executives to mentor them on shifts needed to engage and empower the workforce.

Are You Ready to Start and Finish the Path to Agility?

In a full two-hour session, an Agile Coach will work with participants to learn about an organization’s goals and challenges and use that information to map them on the Path to Agility™ framework.

Discover the Path to Agility™