Leading Change Service

Leading Change: Build A Roadmap To Better Business Outcomes

Introducing new concepts, principles, practices, and ways of working is difficult and disruptive. Despite the time already invested in transformation and the promise of results such as faster time-to-market, and increased customer satisfaction, it’s common for most organizations to revert back to the old ways.

The Leading Change service helps leaders and change agents build a transformation strategy and change management plan that minimizes disruption and accelerates through the learning curve to a new and improved status quo.

Leading Change Key Outcomes:

  • A guiding vision that provides clarity and communicates the purpose for the transformation
  • Identification of business objectives driving the transformation 
  • A coalition of leaders, sponsors, and change agents who will be leading and managing the transformation 
  • Measurement and communication of progress
  • A plan for how the transformation will spread throughout the organization and enterprise 
  • A clear process for identifying, prioritizing, and resolving organizational impediments 
  • Information and learnings are being shared across the organization to grow practices, solidify alignment, and drive excellence

Critical Components and Activities of Leading Change Service:

  • Training and guidance for senior leaders to enable them to prepare, plan and lead the transformation effort
  • Define the transformation strategy, roadmap, and rollout plan 
  • Identification of key metrics to measure progress 
  • Design the optimal organizational structure of systems and teams to optimize value delivery


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Creating A Roadmap For Success

In order to create a roadmap that is positioned to drive results, your organization should select a guiding business goal to help you prioritize which areas to focus on, and when. The roadmap should include all teams, systems, and organizations involved in the initiative to ensure all transformation efforts are aligned and measurable in a consistent way. Our coaches will help you create an initial transformation roadmap and build capabilities within your team so that you can successfully lead the change initiative and generate results.

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