Kanban & Scrum Excel Reporting Template

These reporting templates help you create useful reports for both Kanban and Scrum. Download includes:

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) Template for Kanban – allows a team to create a CFD from their physical board.
  • Cycle Time Charts Template for Kanban – supports cycle time and analysis charts.
  • Release Charting Template – support for burnup, burndown and more complex risk-based forecasting.

Technical Debt Game

To help demonstrate and better understand the trade-offs and various strategies for managing tech debt, we developed the Tech Debt Game, which can be used to simulate development iterations with both feature and technical debt backlogs.

Players can try out different strategies to manage technical debt while delivering features. This game can be used as a way to demonstrate the impact of technical debt and help start the conversation with Product Owners and other stakeholders.