Agile Training: Your Foundation For Action

Training is key to agility, which is why our trainers are dedicated to delivering information that’s geared toward action and implementation. If you want to sit through long monologues and never-ending slide decks, our workshops are not for you. Our trainers use a style called Training From the Back of the Room that supports activities to engage attendees like you.

We provide private coorporate Agile training and public Agile training for every role in your organization.

Corporate Agile Training

Private training for your organization’s teams.

Public Agile Training

Workshops are open to the public and hosted by Agile Velocity.


I like that it wasn't just sitting for 8 hours. We were very engaged.

Kristen Raleigh

Both the instructors were very informative and kept everyone in tune and interactive all the time. Overall, they're just a great company. I learned way more in training and am now more equipped with the right tools to tell [my team] how to properly use the methodology that no YouTube video could ever teach me.

Loved it. Can't wait to get back to the office and start championing [Agile].

Marlon Herron

Not Sure About What Agile Workshop Is Right For You?

Explore Workshops By Role.

Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master, you are responsible for helping teams achieve results from Agile and Scrum. You function as the internal Agile champion and expert. We offer the following training for Scrum Masters:

Product Owner

As a Product Owner, you act as the bridge between stakeholders and the team. You create the product vision and then make sure the team has what they need to make that vision a reality. We offer the following training to help Product Owners:


The best way to support and nurture agility is to learn modern leadership skills. We offer the following classes to teach leaders like you how to manage your teams and organization without using a top-down approach.

Public Agile Workshops By Location

Agile training in Austin, Texas
Agile Training in San Antonio Texas
Agile Training in Houston Texas
Agile training in Dallas Texas

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Agile Training FAQ’s

Training is an investment and we have many people who attend our courses who are self-paying, including veterans, single parents, and unemployed persons. We work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to determine a price suitable for both parties. We also offer price matching upon request. Please email for more information.

For those that need their company to pay via PO and invoice, please fill out this form: Public Certification Workshop Registration–Company Purchase.

Our FAQ page answers questions about cost, certification, exams, refunds, and transfers.

Past Training Clients Include…