Upcoming Webinar: Agile Case Study: Leading Change At Texas Mutual

By February 27, 2019Case Study, Webinar

Image of Jeanette Ward. This upcoming agile case study offers an executive's point view. Jeanette Ward, COO of Texas Mutual Insurance Co. will join us. Ms. Ward was recently recognized by the Austin Business Journal for leading the successful workers’ compensation insurance company. In Agile Velocity’s upcoming webinar, she’ll be talking about how to lead an Agile transformation and the benefits of implementing agile in insurance.When disruption knocks on the door, do you fight or take flight?

In 2018, Texas Mutual chose to fight. After decades at the forefront of workers’ compensation insurance for the state of Texas, Texas Mutual recognized that they would have to change how they delivered value in order to stay at the top.

Cue Agile.

In our next webinar, Erik Cottrell will interview Texas Mutual COO and Agile Velocity client, Jeanette Ward. They’ll discuss many topics from how she’s leading and managing change across the enterprise to her inspiring personal leadership journey.

Key takeaways include:

  • An executive’s perspective on managing an Agile transformation
  • Lessons learned from disrupting your own company
  • How to take on risk in a risk-averse industry
  • Tips for preparing your organization for change
  • Benefits and results gained from implementing Agile in insurance

Join us on March 25, 2019, at 3 PM CST to get the full Agile case study interview.

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