Upcoming Webinar: Accelerating Through Chaos: The Path to Agility™

Agile Velocity's proven Agile transformation framework, The Path to Agility™

Change is hard and organizations get intimidated or overwhelmed by the chaos that typically accompanies a major change, like an Agile transformation. Get your organization ready for the transformation so your org can reap the benefits of Agile sooner.

On June 28th, David Hawks will be hosting our next webinar, Accelerating Through Chaos: The Path to Agility™. Attendees will walk away with:

  • Actions you can take to help move your teams through disruption and chaos quickly
  • A proven transformation framework to help you reach organizational agility faster–the Path to Agility™
  • An understanding of the challenges that occur during each stage of the framework and how to combat them
  • Specific business outcomes to expect as you achieve each stage of agility

Achieve business goals faster with true agility. Join us for our next webinar at 12 PM on June 28th.

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