David Hawks

Founder, Advisor

"Stop Starting, Start Finishing."

David J. Anderson

As a coach, I will bring…

  • Guide the executive team on the transformation strategy
  • Help leaders align their organizations in a way that optimizes the delivery of value
  • Identify areas to remove waste from the system of work


Founder and CEO of Agile Velocity, David Hawks is a Certified Enterprise Coach who is passionate about helping organizations achieve true agility beyond the basic implementation of Agile practices.
David’s primary focus is to guide leaders through their Agile transformation by helping to create successful transformation strategies and effectively manage organizational change with a focus on achieving real business results.
He received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
When not helping organizations build lasting success, he can be found swimming, running, boating, or supporting his Texas Longhorns. David not only bleeds burnt orange but is known for a crazy, 18-hour tailgate experience, arriving at the lot first and leaving last.