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Get ready to take your business to a whole new level with Agile Velocity’s innovative business solutions, training programs and Agile coaching services. Deliver value faster, predict outcomes reliably, and wow your customers like never before.

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Organizational Agility With A Purpose 

Our goal is to optimize how you do business for best-in-class results. Led by our team of proven, experienced coaches, our dynamic services include empowering you with optimizing operational models, expert product and portfolio management, and results-driven implementation of Agile frameworks.

Deliver Faster Than The Rate of Disruption

Whether you need organization-wide transformation coaching, a 2-day workshop or something in between, we have a solution for you.

Experienced Coaches Who Drive Results 

Hands Down: We have the best Agile coaches in the industry who care about your business as much as you do.

Our rigorous recruiting process ensures that you’re being matched with experienced coaches who make the journey successful and fun. And what’s more fun than winning?


David Hawks

CEO, Founder, and UT Longhorn fan for life, David partners with leaders to build successful strategies to remove system inefficiencies and speed up value delivery. 

Colleen Johnson

Enterprise Transformation Coach with a deep knowledge of how to use flow and Kanban to achieve predictability at the portfolio, system, and team levels. Collector of fancy olive oils. 

Richard Dolman

Richard is passionate about helping organizations solve critical and complex business and technology challenges. Can wrangle change management as efficiently as he wrangles his horses.

Bhavani Krishnan

Expert SAFe implementor (SPC6.0) for Commercial, Govt, and Non-Profit Organizations in the most pragmatic way while connecting all levels of the organization effectively. Little fun fact, Bhavani has yet to see a movie in the horror genre that has truly scared her.

A Streamlined Strategy to Organizational Agility

  1. Learn about your challenges and desired outcomes
  2. Understand your unique environment and its constraints
  3. Create a roadmap that drives to a new status quo using the Path to Agility approach
  4. Gather baseline Agility outcomes and capabilities
  5. Pilot, learn, and scale using data to make informed decisions 
  6. Build internal coaching capabilities so you can continue the journey on your own 

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