Hi, We’re Agile Velocity

We guide organizations to deliver more value faster through Agile training and Agile coaching. We work hard to make Agile transformations smoother for our clients by using a pragmatic, customized approach. Our goal is to accelerate clients through the agile learning curve to achieve significant gains. We also try and have fun along the way.

We guide teams in their quest to build amazing products.

We have committed to empowering 25,000 teams by 2025.

We are going to accomplish this goal by delivering world-class Agile training and coaching to teams and then scaling this success across the entire organization. One Agile team means one step closer to lasting business agility.


We started in Austin, TX, home of tasty tacos and superior tech. It’s becoming one of the busiest tech hives in the world; From Downtown to the Domain, the 360 bridge to the growing East Side, talent and ideas are everywhere. But while Austin takes its tech seriously, it doesn’t take itself seriously.

We have the same approach. We care for our clients, help them succeed, but we do so with a lot of laughing and learning along the way.

Agile Velocity Core Values


  • Swarm together to get to done
  • Support others when needed
  • No drama


  • Lead through data-driven results
  • Take responsibility and initiative
  • Establish focus

 Continuous Improvement

  • Learn & expand knowledge
  • Empower, act without fear, affiliate spontaneously, collaborate, and innovate
  • Strive to be the best


  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • Create engaging experiences for our clients

Openness & Transparency

  • Willingness to provide and receive feedback
  • Share information to align the team
  • Partner with clients through open, honest communication

Not to toot our own horn, but…toot, toot