Portfolio Agility Service

Portfolio Agility: Lean Portfolio Management

With less time, too much work, and more pressure to deliver, it can be a challenge to know how to compete and win. Lean portfolio management (LPM) is a systematic approach that provides the framework for capturing strategic intent, aligning work to strategic goals, and ensuring the right work gets done at the right time for the right outcomes.

As part of our portfolio agility service, coaches partner with program and portfolio leaders to design, implement, and run a results-oriented portfolio and learn how to effectively leverage lean portfolio management in order to make investments visible and eliminate costly waste. 

Portfolio Agility Key Outcomes:

    • Focusing on the right work, at the right time
    • Clarity and focus on delivering the most important strategic investments
    • Clear, measurable outcomes aligned with enterprise strategy
    • Funding and estimation fluency that supports responsive decision-making
    • Work is clarified in a pull-based flow system and balanced to real capacity rather than unrealistic assumptions
    • Visibility into adjustments that better target desired results based on early learning
    • Decisions around priority and tradeoffs are fully informed by data

Critical Components and Activities of Portfolio Agility Service:

    • Define your portfolio boundaries
    • Design the portfolio structure, policies, & participants
    • Formation of the Portfolio Leadership Team
    • Enabling and guiding leaders through key portfolio sessions
    • Portfolio management training
    • Monthly coaching support of the portfolio implementation & execution

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Why Lean Portfolio Management?

Organizations are often overloaded with competing priorities and need to know they are focusing on the right things, at the right time. In an increasingly competitive and volatile market, business leaders need to have a clear model and mechanisms for making smart investment decisions and continuously refining their Portfolios. Without a responsive portfolio, friction impedes progress on the most critical strategic investments. A lean-agile approach within your portfolio increases your organization’s ability to operate more effectively in complex and rapidly changing environments.

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