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Lean portfolio management (LPM) is a systematic approach that captures strategic intent, aligns work to goals, utilizes metrics to guide investment decisions, and helps organizations to keep up with the pace of digital disruption. LPM is a critical component of overall organizational health and resilience and it’s just as true for small organizations as it is for large, complex enterprises.

Benefits of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Use data to guide leaders on which efforts will drive business outcomes, understand the impacted areas of your organization, and monitor progress data so you know when to pivot or persevere.

  • Match Demand to Capacity

    You can do anything but you can’t do everything. Understanding and visualizing the demands on your teams and organization must be managed alongside your real-world capacity to deliver. LPM can remove the log-jam of work, help you get focused on the most important things and create smoother value flow.

  • Harness Market Change To Your Advantage

    A responsive, Lean-Agile approach increases an organization’s ability to operate effectively in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Elements of Lean Portfolio Management

A self-sustaining ecosystem that provides just enough data to make informed decisions about where to direct resources is critical. To create this environment, a few core competencies need to be in place, with additional capabilities that may eventually be needed, either due to large scale, or maturity of practices.

  • A defined scope and boundaries of your portfolio(s)

  • A Lean Portfolio Management team with the knowledge and authority to be successful

  • Captured and evolving strategic goals to guide decision making

  • Defined mechanics for capturing demand and communicating expectations while preventing bureaucracy and organizational bloat

  • A predictable and repeatable cadence of facilitated events to manage the portfolio

  • A clear link between strategic initiatives and the teams responsible for execution

  • Appropriate buffer for non-strategic yet important “run the business” priorities

  • An understanding of where and how your organization will be impacted by strategic decisions

  • A mindset of shared goals

Our Simple, Powerful Lean Portfolio Management Solution

As part of our portfolio agility service, coaches partner with program and portfolio leaders to design, implement, and run a results-oriented portfolio that makes investments visible and eliminates costly waste. 

Core Components and Activities of Our LPM Agility Service

1. Discovery of business value and translating it to measurable portfolio(s)

2. Training to align executives, portfolio, and program leaders on critical LPM principles and practices

3. Formation of teams to manage portfolio Kanbans

4. Defining and designing portfolio scope, organizational boundaries, and key roles to provide clarity around what valuable products/services the portfolio delivers and who is responsible for business outcomes

5. Continued coaching to support implementation of portfolio management capabilities

Key Outcomes of Our Lean Portfolio Management Service

  • Funding and estimation fluency that supports responsive decision-making

  • Effective and frequent prioritization based on business value

  • Balanced capacity and demand

  • Optimized flow and reduced waste across system(s)

  • Enhanced scaled Agile capabilities

  • Shift to customer-centricity at a larger scale

Additional Services For Advanced LPM Organizations

For large organizations with multiple or even many portfolios, or for organizations with existing and reliable LPM practices, there are additional ways to mature LPM to gain further advantage over competitors. We offer the following additional services for these situations.

Annual Operating Planning (AOP)

Compressing painful and expensive Annual Operating Planning into effective and predictable events over weeks instead of months

Speed sizing and Estimation

Speed sizing and estimation of all strategic initiatives on a rolling 6 month basis, providing visibility at scale and bringing relief to your most critical and constrained resources such as architecture, design, and other specialized skill sets

Estimation Fluency

Estimation fluency and consistency at scale

Portfolio Capacity and Budgeting

Capacity and budgeting fluency, linking Finance and Accounting seamlessly with portfolio management

Strategic Roadmapping and Planning

Longer range strategic reviews and executive steering

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