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Path to Agility® Navigator enables organizations to move quickly and efficiently through the continuous improvement cycle by helping them assess, plan, and track progress.

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Path to Agility Navigator wheel of the continuous improvement cycle--assess, analyze, prioritize, plan, and act.The journey toward agility can be long and challenging. Our experience and research has shown that the vast majority of organizations who take on an Agile Transformation will either experience “superficial agility” which usually results in reverting back to old, ineffective behaviors, or “pocket agility”, where some things may improve, but falls short of the true organizational improvements needed to be more resilient.

We created Path to Agility Navigator, based on our proven approach for leading Agile Transformations, to ensure companies can gain maximum ROI from their Agile implementation. Path to Agility Navigator enables organizations to achieve their business goals by simplifying the continuous improvement cycle, helping leaders and teams assess, analyze, prioritize, plan, and act.

Focus On Outcomes, Not Implementation

Organizational change is hard and expensive. Path to Agility ensures your organization is focused on building the capabilities that will directly impact your desired outcomes. Enabling you to visualize where you are in the transformation journey–from the team level to the leadership level–you can track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Real-time visualization of ROI by tying progress to business goals such as faster time to market, predictability, etc.

Your custom roadmap provides visibility into the transformation and helps all levels of the organization to identify what to focus on.

We created Path to Agility based on actual coaching experience, working with organizations of various industries and sizes.

Agile ROI, Maximized

Organizations across various industries, from technology to finance and healthcare, have embraced Agile to achieve remarkable business outcomes. Companies like Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Spotify, and Netflix have leveraged Agile methodologies to innovate faster, improve customer satisfaction, and drive substantial ROI through streamlined processes and enhanced product delivery. Path to Agility Navigator will accelerate how you get there.

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