Build a Strong Foundation with Agile Training

Agile training establishes the foundation needed for organizational agility to take root and deliver results. For teams to effectively collaborate, communicate, and coordinate, they need common ways of working and speaking. Agile training is a critical step to implementation, plays an ongoing role in an organization's professional development strategy, and builds a continuous improvement culture.


Agile Training by Framework

Our Agile trainers and coaches have decades of experience applying practices and techniques from different Agile frameworks. Don't see the framework you're interested in? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us know what's missing.


Scrum is one of the most used Agile frameworks and provides a process for teams to build high-quality software in a more efficient and collaborative way. Scrum training classes are designed to immerse participants in the Scrum framework, teaching them how to implement Agile project management techniques to improve team collaboration and project delivery efficiency. 

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

SAFe is used by more than 20,000 organizations, including Southwest Airlines, CVS Pharmacy, and General Motors. SAFe classes provide in-depth knowledge on scaling agile practices across larger organizations, focusing on aligning teams under a common vision for more efficient product development. 


Kanban is a simple and powerful framework that can help teams apply Agile principles outside of software, including marketing, HR, security, and operations. The following Kanban training equips learners with strategies to enhance workflow, increase productivity, and improve process efficiency through visual management techniques.

Agile Training by Role

Not sure which Agile workshop is right for you? Match ones that align closely with your professional role.

Agile Coach & Scrum Master

Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters are Agile champions and leads for teams and organizations. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate and improve team processes in Agile environments, emphasizing principles of Agile methodologies, and team leadership.

Product Owner & Manager

Product Owners and Managers are the bridge between stakeholders and teams. These classes combine practical exercises with theoretical knowledge to master backlog management and stakeholder communication so you can maximize product value and manage project vision. 


Gone are days of top-down micromanagement. These classes equip leaders with the skills to foster innovation and agility within teams and organizations, focusing on Agile leadership principles to enhance performance and drive organizational performance. 

Agile Training For Teams and Individuals

Agile Training FAQs

  • Do you offer in-person training?

    Yes, we offer both in-person, onsite training sessions and live, remote classes to accommodate various learning preferences and needs.

  • What's included with the cost of group or corporate training?

    Our cost includes collaborative meetings with stakeholders to prepare for the class, materials needed to conduct the training, time for instructors to prepare, “day-of” time, and post-training consultation and feedback. If the training is a certification class, certification and test fees are also included in the cost.

  • What tools do you use to deliver training?

    To deliver an immersive and interactive training experience, we utilize a variety of digital tools for our live online classes, including collaborative platforms such as Miro and Mural, alongside video conferencing applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to foster a connected learning environment.

    In our in-person sessions, we engage participants through hands-on group exercises employing creative materials like sticky notes, sharpies, marshmallows, stress balls, and Legos to facilitate active learning and teamwork.

  • Can you accommodate training across multiple time zones?

    Yes, our corporate, private classes are designed to meet the needs of globally distributed teams. We have successfully conducted sessions spanning various time zones, including teams from Ireland, Denver, Austin, and Shanghai, ensuring everyone is included and engaged.

  • Will electronic copies of the training materials be provided?

    Included in the overall cost, we provide electronic copies of all training materials and slides. For in-person classes, we also offer printed and bound workbooks to enhance the learning experience.

  • Can the training be customized for specific team or organizational needs?

    We are happy to discuss how we can tailor our training to meet the unique requirements of your teams. Our goal is to deliver maximum value, ensuring the training aligns perfectly with your objectives and expectations.

  • Is it possible to schedule training in shorter segments?

    We understand that it can be difficult for organizations to invest in a full day (or two) of training. To accommodate, we can deliver half-day classes across 1-2 weeks. We have found this prevents “meeting fatigue” while helping individuals retain information.

  • How do you decide which Agile coach/trainer will deliver our training?

    The selection of an Agile coach or trainer for your training is a thoughtful process based on matching their expertise and experience with your specific learning objectives and organizational culture. This ensures a perfect fit for delivering impactful training.

  • Do we get to meet the Agile coach who will deliver our training prior to completing the training?

    Yes, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the Agile coach or trainer assigned to your private training ahead of time. This pre-training introduction allows for better alignment of expectations and content to suit your needs.

Gain new skills, prevent misunderstanding, and establish common ground

Whether it's a beginner or an advanced workshop, we have Agile training solutions that address your current challenges, match skill levels, and are designed for a variety of roles. Click on the button below and let's get your organization on the path to agility.