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From One Team To The Enterprise 

While Agile implementation is isolated, Agile Transformation involves all levels of the organization and applies Lean-Agile principles to business processes, practices, tools, operations, and culture. Agile Transformations require distinct parts of the organization to  partner, collaborate, and work together to achieve common goals.

Benefits of Agile Transformation and Business Agility

  • Predictable Delivery

    Gain the ability to plan effectively, meet forecasts, and partner with your business counterparts.

  • Maximize ROI

    Agility helps enterprises make better strategic investments and gain early market feedback, which can lower costs and achieve faster ROI.

  • Product-Market Fit

    Agile advocates for early and continuous market feedback, which provides organizations the ability to pivot and adapt when things aren’t going as planned.

  • Happier Customers

    Meet market demands and exceed customer expectations with better, more innovative products.

  • Empowered Workforce

    Agile principles and practices promote collaboration, alignment, and autonomy--all of which contribute to more engaged employees and higher retention rates.

Our Approach to Agile Transformation Consulting

We created Path to Agility® to avoid pitfalls that can slow down or make an Agile Transformation ineffective. Path to Agility is a proven approach that puts business results first by identifying the capabilities organizations need to achieve them. Our software application, Path to Agility Navigator, provides a simple and effective way to continuously improve organizations and measure results from agility. 

This software is included in our Agile Transformation Consulting service.

Custom Agile Transformation Consulting Solutions & Services 

How to Prepare For an Agile Transformation

Determine desired business outcomes and future state with partners and stakeholders.

Investigate different Agile Transformation rollout options

Engage key stakeholders such as business, technology, finance, and operations early.

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