Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation Focused on Business Results

You're looking for better results...delighted clients, faster time-to-market, engaged employees, and innovative solutions. These are just some of the business results you can, and should, expect from agility.

Many Agile transformations start with high expectations and yet surprisingly few deliver long-lasting results. Clients trust Agile Velocity because we offer a simple yet powerful approach to building and sustaining agility. Using our proven transformation framework, Path to Agility we start with your goals and then partner with you to formulate an Agile transformation strategy to equip leaders and teams with the right capabilities to achieve them. 

As your transformation partner, our goal is to accelerate your organization through the journey, lessen the complexity of change, and mitigate shortcomings. Our Agile transformation services address three common phases: Build your Agile transformation strategy and roadmap, implement your plan efficiently and successfully, and sustain agility.

Identify the Fastest Path to Success With A Transformation Roadmap
Identify your need, prioritize your desired outcomes, and communicate your compelling purpose. With our Leading the Path to Agility Service, we help you to assess your current state so that you have a baseline to measure progress as you continue your journey. The assessment will be used to build a customized transformation roadmap and backlog focused on the results you are hoping to achieve. 

Implement Your Strategy and Measure Progress Along the Way
A key criteria for a successful transformation is providing support for all levels of the transformation. Our Leading the Path to Agility, System Agility, and Team Agility services include training at the leadership, system, and team level. We use Path to Agility to conduct periodic assessments so that you have visibility on how the plan is progressing. 

Sustain Agility
Our goal is to equip your organization with the capabilities needed to continue your journey on your own. We partner with you to build internal coaching capabilities and give you additional tools needed to sustain forward momentum. 

Our Agile Transformation Services

Leading the Path to Agility

Coaches partner with leaders and stakeholders to form an Agile Leadership Team to guide your change, to develop and execute a transformation plan, and resolve organizational impediments.

Portfolio Agility

Coaches partner with program and portfolio leaders to build a cohesive product and portfolio team and then train and coach them to be able to use lean portfolio management (LPM) and product techniques to manage their portfolio effectively.

System Agility (SAFe®)

Coach the management of a system with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) through definition, preparation, training, and execution through the first Program Increment (PI).

Team Agility

Coach new teams to adopt Agile practices by coaching the team leadership roles: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Manager.

Prepare For An Agile Transformation

  • Establish the business goal
    It should be easy for everyone in the organization to understand and to remember. This will help aim your teams’ efforts and provide a rallying point for the transformation investment.

  • Confirm the right transformation scope for your company at this time
    Starting with a scope that’s manageable based on your aspirations (and constraints) can lead to your long term success.

  • Determine funding investment level
    We recommend engaging your finance partners early and often here to help you consider a funding approach that offers the greatest chance for long-lasting organizational resilience.

  • Engage key stakeholders early
    Building support early for your business goals and giving key partners a seat at this table early and often will pay tremendous dividends long term.

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Whether it’s your first or fifth attempt at Agile transformation, we promise that the Path to Agility® will change the way you feel about transformation. Learn how we can help you transform your organization with success and meet your business outcomes.

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