Accelerate enterprise-wide value delivery with SAFe® Agile Implementation

Agile Velocity is a leading provider of organizational agility for enterprises that want faster delivery of innovative solutions. Led by our team of proven, experienced coaches, we help you unlock enterprise-wide value delivery with a holistic, customized Lean-Agile approach to the SAFe® Agile framework. We catalyze a smoother, faster SAFe® Agile implementation so you can do business better than ever before.

Since its inception, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) has grown to become the most popular of Agile frameworks, especially among enterprises. According to the Scaled Agile Framework website, 70% of Fortune 100 companies have certified SAFe® professionals and partners onsite. 

Organizations invest in SAFe® to realize the following benefits:

  • Streamlined, Accelerated Value Delivery

    We bring together all areas of the business to rally around one goal: improving how value is delivered to your customers. 

  • Reduced Risk and Waste 

    We help leaders utilize Lean and Agile principles to manage their suite of products in a way that drives focus, collaboration, and profit.

  • Improved Productivity and Quality

    We identify and help you implement the right SAFe® practices so that teams can be more productive (on the right things!) without sacrificing quality.

  • Aligned and consistent ways of working

    In order to collaborate effectively, teams must utilize common ways of working and communicating. We accomplish this by providing training and coaching for all roles and levels of the organization.

But to reap these benefits, enterprises need to overcome SAFe® implementation challenges such as blind, dogmatic implementation that lack a shared purpose. This creates risk and waste that organizations can’t afford. We accelerate enterprise-wide value delivery by providing a holistic and pragmatic approach to SAFe® that’s focused on business results.


Holistic SAFe® Implementation To Scale Critical Capabilities Across the Enterprise

To scale agility, your organization needs to build capabilities within business, technology, and operations and then optimize how these units coordinate and collaborate to effectively deliver value to your customers. We partner with you to identify and then build these core competencies that will help the enterprise achieve critical business results.  


Pragmatic SAFe® Agile Implementation Customized To Your Business Results

Agile Velocity delivers the fastest, surest way to success with a holistic approach to SAFe® implementation.

Key outcomes and activities of our SAFe® Agile Implementation Service:

  • Identify and prioritize value streams 

  • Define the Agile Release Train(s) (ART)

  • Coach ART launch and coordinated planning

  • Coach ART through the first Program Increment (PI) Iteration

  • Coach to prepare for PI Planning 

  • Train and coach for effective portfolio management 

  • Train teams on the SAFe® framework via SAFe for Teams® Workshop

  • Coach and train key roles (RTEs, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Business and Technology Leaders) 

  • Develop internal capabilities and competencies so you can keep ARTs rolling without us

With Agile Velocity, You’re Never in The Dark

We understand this is a serious investment and commitment. Our coaches will visualize and communicate progress and business results along the way, so you can make the right decisions.

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