SAFe® Agile Transformation

Successful SAFe® Agile Transformations Start With Why

SAFe Agile transformations are a big investment in time and budget. As an executive championing this change, how do you make sure that it’s successful?

Start with the why….

Since its inception, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has grown to become the most popular of Agile frameworks, especially among enterprises. According to the Scaled Agile Framework website, 70% of Fortune 100 companies have certified SAFe professionals and partners onsite.

But for every SAFe Agile transformation success, there are failures. According to the State of Agile report, over 50% of all initiatives have stalled or have not achieved results leaders were hoping for. 

Before Implementing SAFe, Start with Business Outcomes

The 9 business outcomes impacted by the Agile transformation framework, Path to Agility

In our decades of experience helping leaders plan, navigate, and execute transformations successfully, one of the reasons they often fail is because organizations jump straight into implementation without first thinking about the why. 

It should not be because your competitors down the street are doing SAFe…the reason why your organization should invest in a SAFe transformation is because you want to achieve measurable business outcomes. Without measurable business outcomes in sight, organizations….

        1. Don’t know when they are successful
        2. Don’t know when they need to adjust to get back on course 
        3. Don’t know which SAFe configuration is right for them

SAFe Agile Transformation and Path to Agility® 

The Path to Agility is an Agile transformation framework that provides the missing link between measurable business outcomes like speed, quality, and productivity with frameworks like Scrum and SAFe. Path to Agility transformation framework graphic

Instead of a blanket framework implementation, we begin by helping leaders identify their organization’s desired business outcomes and then selecting which Agile capabilities the organization should develop in order to realize results. This means a more efficient and successful SAFe Agile transformation.

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Our SAFe Transformation Service Builds Capabilities At The Leadership & System Level

Many times, transformations begin at the team level. Unfortunately, they also tend to stay at the team level, a common transformation pitfall. Scaling agility means building Agile capabilities across many teams and optimizing how these networks of teams work together to deliver value. While a majority of the work implementing SAFe is at the system level, optimizing the full value stream also means helping at the organization or leadership level.

Agile Velocity SAFe Transformation packages

Leading the Path to Agility

This part of your SAFe Agile transformation journey involves working with leaders and stakeholders to identify a compelling purpose for change, create a transformation plan to achieve business outcomes, and then build an Agile Leadership Team to champion and lead the execution of the plan. 

Key deliverables include: 

        • Facilitate Senior Leadership Workshop
        • Build the Agile Leadership Team 
        • Coach planning of new Agile organizational structure
        • Coach to identify mechanisms to measure progress
        • Facilitate the creation of transformation backlog
        • Facilitate working sessions to identify value streams

SAFe System AgilityScaled Agile Partner badge - silver

This phase is the heart of the SAFe Agile transformation. In this phase, we coach the management of a system with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) through the first Program Increment. 

Key deliverables include:

        • Understanding and aligning teams to value streams
        • Defining the Agile Release Train(s) (ART)
        • Coaching ART Launch and coordinated planning
        • Coaching and training of key roles (ART leaders, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters)
        • Facilitating SAFe for Teams Workshop
        • Coach ART Level Ceremonies
        • Coach ART through the first Program Increment (PI)

Along the Path to Agility, our coaches will work with leaders to measure and communicate the progress of the SAFe Agile transformation. We will be true partners on your Path to Agility and achievement of business outcomes. 

Is SAFe the right framework for you? The right configuration? How can you maximize the SAFe framework on your organization’s journey to results and success? We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the right solution.

Ready for Your SAFe Transformation?

Whether it’s your first or fifth attempt at transformation, we promise that the Path to Agility® will change the way you feel about change. Learn how we can help you transform your organization with success and meet your business outcomes with SAFe.

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