Improving Team Performance With Agile Coaching

In today's dynamic environment, our Agile coaching solution unlocks your team's potential by addressing challenges like shifting priorities and unclear objectives. By integrating Lean-Agile concepts with practical, real-time coaching and targeted training, we ensure sustainable improvement, accelerated delivery, and enhanced quality, tailored to your team's specific roles and environment.

Key Agile Coaching Outcomes

Through Agile Coaching we will ensure teams are enabled and empowered to self-organize into high-performing teams who can deliver value with confidence.

  • Alignment and Clarity: Harmonize team and leader goals for cohesive, efficient pursuit of objectives and enhanced overall performance.

  • Increased Visibility: Enhance team transparency and use metrics with empirical data to inform decisions and identify improvement areas.

  • Empowered Decision-Making: Equip teams with the knowledge and skills for informed, quick decision-making.

  • Predictable, Faster Value Delivery: Implement continuous improvement cycles for swift, reliable results that satisfy customers and stakeholders.

Our Expert Agile Coaches Will Lead Your Teams Through the Following Activities:

  • Team Discovery and Baseline Assessment

    Identify current states and improvement areas for a focused, effective path forward.

  • Creation of Improvement Backlog

    Develop a prioritized action list targeting key improvement areas for focused progress.

  • Tailored Training Workshops

    Equip team leaders, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners with the knowledge and skills to implement Agile practices effectively. This includes intermediate and advanced topics.

  • Agile Practice Guidance

    Offer real-time guidance on applying Agile practices to refine approaches and tackle daily challenges.

  • Targeted Coaching Support

    Provide focused, ongoing support, reinforcing continuous improvement and aiding in Agile decision-making processes.

  • Final Assessment and Strategic Recommendations

    Evaluate progress and outcomes, offering insights and recommendations for sustained improvement and next steps.

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Learn From Agile Coaching Experts 

Eric Cussen Agile Transformation Coach, David PointerDavid Pointer Agile Coach Marc StoryMarc Story Senior Agile Coach Sally TaitSally Tait
Focused on working with leaders, bringing clarity to their business and product strategies and helping them align their teams on the most valuable work. Passionate about helping organizations realize their true potential through process improvement and lean-agile thinking at all levels of the organization. Focused on helping companies integrate product management and technology investments so that they can maximize their returns and generate maximum value to their customers. Passionate about fostering continuous improvement through listening, learning, collaborating, and building alignment.

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FAQs About Our Agile Coaching Solution

  • How much experience does your coaching team have?

    The average years of coaching experience for our coaches is 18. To be an Enterprise Coach for Agile Velocity, we look for 10 years coaching at the enterprise strategy and leadership level as the minimum.

  • Do your coaches specialize in different areas?

    Many of our coaches have specialties across Agile frameworks, functional areas, and organizational levels. Some of these specializations include Lean-Agile portfolio management, product development, scaling and systems thinking, technical practices, and leadership.

  • How do you match the coach to the engagement?

    The matching process begins during sales as we are discovering unique environmental and operational conditions and the challenges and opportunities for the engagement. Coaches are also a big part of the sales process so our potential clients have the opportunity to meet various members of the coaching team from the beginning. As we near the end of the sales process, we will be actively communicating with the client to finalize the team so kickoff is effective and on time.

  • What happens if our coach is not a fit?

    Despite having the right skill sets and experience, we understand that sometimes the coach is just not a fit. In this instance, we have a team of coaches who will be ready to jump in so that the engagement does not lose momentum. 

    Each engagement will also include a Client Success manager who acts as the bridge between our coaching team and the client. Because of their advocacy, we should know beforehand if the coach is not a fit and can be proactive in finding a better match. 

  • Can we have more than one coach at a time?

    Many of our engagements support many teams, areas, or Agile Release Trains at once. As such, we are equipped to support by placing multiple coaches at once.

  • How quickly can a coach get started?

    Our average turnaround time for successful engagements is 2 weeks. 

Here are just some of the certifications our coaches hold…


ICP-ENT badge Certified Scrum Professional badge
pmp badge pmi-acp badge Path to Agility certification badge

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