Eric Cussen

Partner, Chief Transformation Officer

"You're on mute."

Eric Cussen

As a coach, I will bring…

  • Sanity to your portfolio management capabilities, or
  • Help you create new portfolio management capabilities
  • A pragmatic approach, with honest and straightforward feedback
  • Humor and a willingness to roll up my sleeves and get into the work with you
  • A bias toward action


Eric has over 20 years of product development and agile transformation experience. In that time, Eric has led transformations that range from small startups to large-scale, complex enterprises in the financial services, aviation, healthcare, and insurance industries.

Eric’s background in product development runs deep. He was the designer of an innovative financial product featured in the Wall Street Journal, he was the co-founder and CEO of multiple startups and brings his entrepreneurial mindset and passion for creating value to all his clients. In recent years, Eric has focused on working with leaders, bringing clarity to their business and product strategies and helping them align their teams on the most valuable work.

Eric is a Colorado native and when he isn’t working, he can always be found outdoors skiing, mountain biking, camping, skiing, playing in the snow, and skiing. He also enjoys traveling abroad, especially if the goal is to find fresh powder to ski.