Marc Story

Agile Transformation Coach

"Business agility is a permanent strategic advantage."

Marc Story

As a coach, I will bring…

  • Relentless focus on value delivery
  • Doing the basics and doing them well
  • Product Management discipline


Marc Story is focused on helping companies integrate product management and technology investments so that they can maximize their returns and generate maximum value to their customers.

With more than 20 years as a lean-agile practitioner, Marc has held multiple executive product development roles spanning product development including Product Manager, Project Manager, and Engineering leader. This breadth of experience lends a unique and holistic perspective of business problems and how they can be solved. Never one to shy away from stating the difficult, Marc knows the value of having people address what is really happening.

Outside of work Marc is a relentless competitor in lawn mower racing and was recently named “Most Innovative Rule Breaker” by the National Top Fuel Mower Association.