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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®

Anyone working in the ScrumMaster role quickly realizes that there’s more to it than what’s covered in CSM class, articles, or videos. Working to be the best ScrumMaster for Scrum teams means acquiring skills and techniques necessary to get the day-to-day done and done well.

Investing in practical training is a critical first step. The Advanced Certified ScrumMaster is a 2-day training that focuses on improving a core set of skills and tools to help ScrumMasters deliver more value, improve the performance of teams, and elevate their overall Agile knowledge.

Here’s what some of our Advanced ScrumMaster alumni have said:

I found this very valuable, even more so than the CSM training. Super useful because of the knowledge share and the small class that allows for good dialogue.”

“Good to have people with all levels of experience in the class. Lots of real-life war stories to help.”

“I was looking to gain more practical deeper knowledge of Scrum and Agile and that is what I got. Makes me want to learn more.”

“This course was exactly what I was looking for! David far exceeded my expectations. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in training courses of some kind and I always left with more questions. This course changed that as I have items I can take back to my organization.

What You Can Expect to Learn At Advanced CSM Class

Focus On Improving Facilitation

Facilitation is a skill that takes constant practice to master. In this course, participants will gain new tools and practice different techniques that will prepare ScrumMasters for tasks before, during, and post Scrum event. Students will also learn the importance of following-up–an art for making Scrum events truly actionable and helpful.

Servant Leadership At All Levels

Servant Leadership is key to the role and it manifests differently depending on who the ScrumMaster is working with.

  • ScrumMaster – Product Owner – It is important for ScrumMasters and Product Owners to work together. This module focuses on how ScrumMasters can help Product Owners stay true, and accomplish product vision
  • ScrumMaster – Development Team – In this module, participants will explore what a Servant Leader should do to nurture a high-performing team. Activities include describing and sharing ideas for improving team performance, self-organization coaching techniques, and learning how to encourage ownership

How To Gain Agile Buy-in

Change is difficult, particularly one as big as the decision to be agile. ScrumMasters should expect others in the organization to question and even challenge the initiative. This module will prepare Agile champions with techniques for getting Agile buy-in, resolving impediments, and different ways to diffuse tension.

Creation And Interpretation of Value Stream Maps

Here, students will learn how to create and interpret value stream maps. They will learn the different forms waste can take and how they manifest in a value stream map.

  • Explain activity versus waste
  • Define the forms of waste and how they appear in the VSM
  • Create a Value Stream Map

Organizational Change

Training is just one stage of organizational change or digital transformation. Attendants will learn a proven transformational framework, the Path to Agility®, which covers all stages of organizational change and their role for making the initiative into a permanent part of the way they work. Participants will also get an overview of different techniques that will help them form and execute an Agile scaling strategy like SAFe® and LeSS.

You and the ScrumMaster Role

This section assesses the participant’s affinity for the ScrumMaster role. It will help participants evaluate their personal fulfillment of Scrum values, their fundamental driving factors, and will teach them goals of an effective servant leader.

Advanced ScrumMaster Workshop Ongoing Learning

As part of Agile Velocity’s Advanced ScrumMaster offering, alumni will have the option of joining a cohort of other SMs that will meet on a monthly basis for a total of 6 sessions. During these monthly sessions, they will share how they put their learnings to practice and work with our trainers and coaches to resolve current issues and solidify the mindset of continuous improvement.

Who Should Attend Advanced CSM Training?

The Advanced ScrumMaster Workshop is for those who have 1 – 2 years of professional experience as a practicing ScrumMaster, Iteration Manager or Project Manager or have taken training for Certified ScrumMaster® through Scrum Alliance, Professional Scrum Master™ and similar courses.

What will I learn in Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Class that I didn’t learn during CSM Training?

All learning outcomes above are not covered during our CSM or Agile Scrum Foundations training. Our goal for this course is to ensure ScrumMasters have the necessary skills, techniques, and understanding needed to make their job as a ScrumMaster easier and to add value to their teams and organizations. During the basic CSM class, we tell participants what is involved in being a ScrumMaster. This class will show them how to be ScrumMaster. Go here for more information about our Certified ScrumMaster Class


We understand that training is an investment. In addition to group discounts, price matching, and military discounts, we work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to determine a price suitable for both parties for public workshops. Email for more information.

Private Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Training

Private training gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the unique challenges facing your teams and organization. We recommend a minimum group of 15 for private training. We provide group discounts for groups smaller than 15 attendees. For A-CSM private training, contact or go here and select Private Training to request more information.

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Exam And A-CSM certification

There is no exam for the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster class. In order to get an A-CSM certification, class participants must complete and participate in all modules during the two-day training and must have an active CSM certification through Scrum Alliance.

At the end of the course, participants must demonstrate at least one-year work experience specific to the ScrumMaster role from within the past five years. Our CST will upload the names of everyone who participated in the class. Attendants will then have the opportunity to upload their professional experience in the system. If they have 1 year prior to taking the class, they will receive the certification. If they have less than 1 year, they will have to wait until they gain more work experience.

The A-CSM certification is good for two years.

Attendees will also earn 16 SEU’s or PDU’s from this class.

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