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Agile Leadership Workshop

The course is for leaders who want a systemic approach to prioritization and desire coordination across multiple teams. It is for organizations who have identified a system and are ready to scale and coordinate their Agile teams.

Agile Leadership Workshop Learning Outcomes 

  • Agile Fundamentals
  • System Agility
    • Lean Thinking
    • Limiting WIP/ Create Focus
    • Value System Alignment
    • Flow and TOC
  • Scaling Agility
    • SAFe Overview
    • Cross Team Coordination (ARTs, PI, RTE, SoS, Cadence, etc.)
    • Multi-level planning
    • Lean Portfolio Management, LPM
  • Agile Leadership
    • Leading Change (P2A) – Light touch in this workshop as a deeper dive is done in the Sr. Leadership Workshop
    • Leadership Agility
    • Team Empowerment
    • Purpose Driven Leadership