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Agile Refresher & Rebaseline Workshop

This interactive workshop is led by industry-recognized trainers and coaches who can provide personalized guidance to support and refresh Agile knowledge and identify actionable improvements. We can adjust course length and material to explore best practices, case studies, and emerging trends in the areas you need most (estimation, story mapping, value stream mapping, AI, etc.) 

Agile Refresher Workshop Key Outcomes:

  • Rapid Rebaselining on Agile Principles and Practices: Ensure your team is aligned on Agile principles and practices, then identify improvements to optimize performance. 
    • Resetting on the goals and the ‘why’ for:
      • Sprint Planning
      • Sprint Reviews 
      • Sprint Retrospectives
    • Revisiting Agile roles
    • Beyond the fundamentals, additional topics may include:
      • Agile estimation techniques such as story points or flow-based approaches
      • Overview and advanced Backlog Refinement techniques
      • Overview of Agile roles 
      • Effective handling of technical stories 
      • Agile metrics and reporting
  • Establish a solid foundation for your team by defining roles, goals, purpose, values, needs, expectations, and working agreements.
  • Create a roadmap for success tailored to your team’s unique goals and challenges. Develop actionable improvement backlogs to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Who is this workshop for

  • Teams who have been practicing Agile but need to get back to the core foundations that lead to high performance
  • Teams who have been practicing Agile but need some intermediate or advanced techniques to improve results 
  • Organizations that have restructured and now have newly formed Agile teams
  • Organizations that have experienced lots of growth who need to introduce Agile concepts to new team members
  • Organizations that have just acquired another company or product who need to integrate teams and provide consistency

What to Expect In this Workshop

No Death By Powerpoint

Customized Content

Clear Next Steps

This workshop is not your typical training. Through interactive and dynamic sessions, your team will dive deep into topics that matter most to them, facilitated by experts with extensive experience helping teams in various industries and states of agility. Our expert coaches will work with your team to identify and address the areas that need improvement the most. Whether you need help clarifying roles, setting goals, defining purpose and values, or establishing working agreements, we’ve got you covered. By the end of the workshop, your team will walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of what “better” looks like, and how to achieve their goals. With a defined improvement backlog in hand, they’ll be ready to tackle challenges head-on and drive towards success.

Contact us to schedule your custom Agile Refresher and Rebaseline workshop so your teams can improve their performance