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Certified Agile Leadership Workshop

Today’s leaders are confronted with a mix of dynamically shifting challenges and opportunities, often requiring new ways of thinking and working. It is essential for managers and leaders to gain the leadership skills needed to support organizational agility and effectiveness.

The Certified Agile Leadership Workshop is an interactive leadership-focused learning experience to build skills and competencies to effectively guide and develop leaders to foster healthy organizations and improve business outcomes. The full two-day version of this workshop offers a dual certification:

“Agility in Leadership™ Certified” designation:

    • Develop insight and awareness to discover new ways to think, focus, and behave. Leaders learn the fundamentals of agile leadership and improve their own leadership agility. 
    • Participants are introduced to the Leadership Agility framework and catalyst practices to improve self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, and effective behaviors.

“Agility in Organizations™ Certified” designation:

    • Helps leaders align, focus, and accelerate change throughout their organizations. Leaders learn to identify and shape culture toward more iterative, adaptive, and sustainable practices.
    • Participants explore organizational culture, the context of business agility, and the Competing Values Framework model.

Why choose Agile Velocity for leadership training?

Our Certified Agile Leadership Workshop is not your typical virtual lecture-based training session. This is a collaborative and interactive workshop, filled with real-world exercises focused on helping leaders build the foundational skills needed to be a more effective leader in turbulent times.

Our workshop is delivered by Agile Leadership Journey Licensed Guides, professional trainers and leadership coaches who are aligned not only in the material we teach but also in the way we teach it. All of our certified agile leadership training workshops are visually facilitated and they are conducted in live, interactive formats, whether online or in person.

Certified Agile Leadership Learning Outcomes

Learn to lead Agile teams and organizations by embracing Agile leadership concepts and leveraging agility to drive sustainable improvement in any business. 

In Agility in Leadership™ , you can expect to learn:

      • Agile Leadership Context: Complexity, uncertainty, and the pace of disruptive change continue to escalate globally. We demonstrate the need for new ways to reduce risk, manage budgets, lead projects, and engage stakeholders.
      • Agile Leadership: Leadership is a choice. However, most leaders are unaware of the hundreds of choices they make each day, limiting their effectiveness. We show leaders a new path to improve engagement and effectiveness.
      • Catalyst Leadership: Beyond servant leadership, catalyst leaders are more purposeful, creative, balanced, and adaptive. We develop proactive and positive agitators of change in the leaders themselves and others they engage.
      • Catalyst Conversations™: Leadership is not a solo sport. We teach leaders a Catalyst Conversation™ technique to improve every discussion, decision, and team meeting with more balance, voice, and shared-ownership.
      • Catalyst Feedback: Feedback is a core principle of an empirical approach. We help leaders recognize common threats and create an environment in which to give and receive feedback in a more effective and safe manner.
      • Catalyst Habits: Much like with health and fitness, leadership requires a disciplined routine in order to sustain and grow. We teach leaders the techniques to build their new skills into disciplined growth habits.


In Agility in Organizations™, you can expect to learn:

    • Organizational Culture: Organizational culture is a significant barrier to increased agility. We teach leaders how to identify their culture and how the strengths and challenges of theirs may enable or inhibit agile ways of working.
    • Agile Organizations: Most agile transformations fail to deliver defined results. We show leaders the pitfalls of top-down/ bottom-up approaches and how to effectively lead an inside-out, values-based program to sustain agility.
    • Shaping an Agile Culture: Culture change is not posters on the wall; it is an intentional focus on values guided by leadership. We teach leaders the levers of change: structures, policies, and measures. This helps them to shape and sustain a culture of agility.
    • Leading Agile Change: Like agile transformations failing, most change initiatives fail as well. We teach leaders why,  showing them how to avoid the pitfalls and to engage the organization to share ownership to build success.
    • Catalyst Canvas: Transformations are only A-to-B. Agility requires a disciplined inspect and adapt routine. We provide leaders a catalyst canvas: a simple tool to help focus, align and accelerate change that can be used routinely.
    • Agile Coaching: Every organization is unique. We guide both leadership teams and individual leaders in applying the techniques to their organization context and develop the next steps in shaping their organizations.

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Looking for Scrum Alliance certifications such as CAL 1, CAL-E, CAL-T, or CAL-O?

We are able to offer the Scrum Alliance CAL 1 certification as a separate workshop or included in this workshop for an additional fee.  If you are looking for CAL-E / CAL-T / CAL-O, Scrum Alliance has refactored its leadership learning program. CAL Essentials, Teams, and Organizations have been restructured into the updated and enhanced CAL 1 and 2. Please visit the CAL FAQs to find out how this change may impact you if you hold any of the existing Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader certificates.

Who benefits from attending this workshop?

Regardless of role or title, we believe that everyone can learn and demonstrate leadership.

This workshop is intended for:

  • Emerging leaders
  • Seasoned leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Leadership teams
  • Technology leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Learning and Development leaders
  • Human Resource / People strategy leaders
  • Change Agents
  • Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and capabilities

What do class attendants receive?

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be eligible to earn your Agility in Leadership™ and Agility in Organizations™ from  Agile Leadership Journey. 

Agility in Organizations™ CertifiedAgility in Leadership™ Certified

Workshop Logistics

  • This workshop is typically 2-days but can accommodate based on the needs of your organization.
  • We offer this workshop virtual and in-person. 
  • Corporate training classes consist of 10+ individuals. 

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