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Lean UX and UI Operating Model Training for Distributed SAFe Organizations

Maintaining a cohesive UI and UX design strategy at scale across distributed locations presents unique challenges for large organizations. SAFe principles and processes provide useful guidance, but these concepts must also be tuned using real world experience and best practices derived from modern creative production pipelines.

The Lean UX for SAFe Workshop is designed to discover and solve the most pressing problems at any stage of your organization’s Lean UX journey, resulting in clear guidance and an operating model for future growth and success.

Success topics include:

  • Successful collaboration patterns between onshore analysts and offshore development
  • Creative review and demo strategies for early useability feedback
  • Use of component-ized design libraries to maintain cohesion across disparate platforms and UI front-end stacks
  • Understanding the use of the Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF) for early validation of UX and UI
  • When to involve design experts in the Epic Kanban development cycle
  • How to estimate design work using levels of complexity and UI element instantiation concepts
  • Avoiding overload and limiting WIP for design teams
  • Maintaining results to the internal customer, and best practices for operating as a service team within a Scaled Agile Environment


Our workshop is structured to first expose the complexity of your unique situation, and then work through each success topic with you and your team for maximum understanding and progress towards your goals.

In addition, our Lean UX instructor is enabled to teach any other SAFe certification course, including Agile Product Management, Product Owner/Product Manager, and Release Train Engineer. Taking these SAFe classes from an instructor with UX experience can offer a unique and valuable perspective, not commonly available!