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SAFe® For Teams

This two-day course prepares team members with the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful launch of an Agile Release Train, the construct for delivering value within the Scaled Agile Framework®. Attendees will learn how to plan and execute iterations and Program Increments (PI), how to use different Agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, and XP to become more effective, and ways to continuously improve while decreasing cross-team dependencies that bog down value delivery. Attendees will receive their SAFe® 5.0 Practitioner (SP) certification at the completion of the two-day class and upon passing the exam.

SAFe® For Teams Learning Outcomes

  • Apply SAFe® to scale Lean and Agile development in their enterprise
  • Know their team and its role on the Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Know all other teams on the (ART), their roles, and the dependencies between the teams
  • Plan Iterations
  • Execute Iterations and demonstrate value
  • Plan Program Increments
  • Integrate and work with other teams on the train