Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I’m new to Agile and not sure what class to take, should I take the CSPO or CSM?

    There is only a 10% overlap of Learning Objectives between the two courses.

    The CSM course learning objectives are focused on Agile and Scrum Fundamentals. This course prepares you to implement the roles, events and artifacts of the Scrum framework. The CSPO course learning objectives differ from the CSM in that they are less focused on the mechanics of the events themselves and place more emphasis on how to manage requirements backlogs, define product vision, manage release schedules and work with stakeholders to prioritize work. The CSPO course requires you to have a basic understanding of Scrum and Agile.

  • What’s included with the cost of training?

    The cost of training includes workbook and supplies, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages during training. The cost also covers your initial 2-year membership to the Scrum Alliance. For CSM courses, it includes the cost of the exam.

  • For the CSPO & CSM courses, do we take the exam during class?

    The CSPO class currently does not have an exam. This is subject to change as Scrum Alliance is working towards creating one. The CSM does have an exam. You will be given a practice exam during class, but you take the real exam on your own time. The exam is online and open-note. By the time you leave class, you should have an email from Scrum Alliance with directions for taking the exam.

    The CSM exam has a passing score of 74%. There are 50 questions and examinees have 60 minutes to complete the test. According to Scrum Alliance, you will have two attempts within 90 calendar days after you receive your welcome email to pass the test at no cost. After two attempts and/or 90 calendar days, you will be charged $25 for each additional attempt.  

  • How does the certification process work?
    1. Attend class and fully participate.
    2. After the two­-day class, the trainer will submit your name to the Scrum Alliance.
    3. After your information is sent by our team into the Scrum Alliance, they will email your formal membership/certification.
    4. Your initial membership period is for 2 years, after which you can renew for $100.
  • What is the schedule for the CSM & CSPO courses?

    Each morning breakfast service starts at 8:15 AM with a class start time at 8:30 AM. There is a morning break and a couple afternoon breaks. We also break 20-30 minutes for lunch around midday. Class ends by 5:00 PM each day.

  • What do I need to bring to training?

    Just yourself! We provide any and all materials needed. You will not need a laptop.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Casual. You will be getting up and moving around, so wear something comfortable. Also, the rooms are sometimes cold, so bring a sweater if you tend to get cold.

  • How do I prepare for the CSM class?
    1. Please read the Scrum Guide before class.
    2. Add Scrum Alliance to your safe sender list if you are a Hotmail email account user. Directions are here
  • How do I prepare for the CSPO class?
    1. Please read the Scrum Guide before class.
    2. You will need to complete some pre-work before the class. You will be emailed instructions with reading and a pre-test to take. You should print out your results and go over them at the beginning of the course.
  • I have dietary restrictions. What should I do?

    We will make every effort to accommodate most dietary restrictions, depending on the venue’s capabilities. Please make sure to make a note on your order to let us know ahead of time. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch if you do not want to eat what is provided.

  • What happens if a meeting gets scheduled during class hours?

    In order to get certified, you need to be fully engaged and participate in class. With that being said, there is a morning break and a couple afternoon breaks. We also break 30 minutes for lunch around midday. We have two phone rooms available and wifi for video meetings. You are not able to miss more than an hour of class time in the two days, or you will not get certified.

  • Can I get an electronic copy of the slides?

    No, you’ll receive a paper workbook with all slide information included.

  • I didn’t receive my email after class, what do I do?

    Make sure to check your spam box and mark Scrum Alliance as a safe sender. If after 24 hours you still haven’t received the email, please contact us at

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You may transfer to another class free of charge. Email for all other refund requests.

  • If I’m no longer able to make the class dates, can I transfer to another class?

    Given enough notice, we will be able to transfer you to another class date, based on availability. We can not guarantee a transfer without penalty if the notice falls outside our cancellation policy.

  • I can’t find my registration email, what do I do?

    You’ll receive a pre-class email a couple of days before the class with all logistical information, including where the class is being held and what to expect. No need to print out your “tickets” before class, we’ll have a complete roster to determine who’s in class.

  • Can I get a receipt to turn into my company for reimbursement?

    Your Eventbrite confirmation serves as a receipt. We will send itemized receipts upon request, email to inquire.

  • My company needs to pay for my training via PO & invoice. How do I register with this payment method?

    Please fill out this form: Public Certification Workshop Registration – Company Purchase AND email In this instance, payment will be billed after class.

  • How do I claim PDU’s for your class?
    1.  Detailed instructions can be found at, under the “Report PDUs” on the right hand side of the page.
    2.  Log in to
    3.  Click Report PDUs on the left navigation.
    4. Click Courses or Training.
    5. When you enter the name of a provider, the system looks for PMI-approved providers within the search, but allows you to enter third-party providers into the field. If you want pre-approved activity information to pre-populate in the claim form, select a provider from the list. If you took a course or training activity offered by a third-party vendor – a vendor that was not pre-approved by PMI for its PDUs – DO NOT select a provider from the list, simply type the provider name into the field.
    6. If you select a PMI-approved provider, CCRS will only return only the courses or training activities already associated with that provider.When you type three letters into the Activity field, CCRS will search for any activity matches in the Directory. If you took a course or training activity offered by a third-party vendor – a vendor that was not pre-approved by PMI for its PDUs – DO NOT select an activity from the list because it will pre-populate the rest of the form with information from a pre-approved provider and activity. Simply, type the activity name into the field.
    7. Enter or modify the PDU values that align with the talent Triangle.
      • For PMI-approved activities, you can modify the talent triangle PDU values that are pre-populated in the claim form if, for example, you didn’t stay for the entire activity. You may modify talent triangle PDUs to values below the maximum limit for the activity.
      • For third-party providers and activities, manually enter PDU values under the Technical skill area for each certification to which this activity applies (if you hold multiple certifications). Manually enter PDU values for Leadership and Strategic skill areas – these PDUs will automatically be shared across certifications (if you hold multiple certifications).
    8. Click on the box to Agree the claim is accurate.
    9. Click Submit.

    ***Note: We do not have access to their system. Directions come from their website, which could change without warning. If you have problems claiming your PDU’s, please contact PMI support.

  • Do you have any discounts?

    We understand that training is an investment. We will work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to determine a price suitable for both parties. Email for more information.

    For those who take more than one of our classes, we provide a 10% discount to all alumni. Please email for the discount code.

    We also provide group discounts:

    $100 off of groups of 3-5 registrations and $200 off 6 or more registrations for the same class for our CSM and CSPO classes

    $50 off of groups of 3-5 or $75 off 6 or more for non-certification classes

    Simply select the corresponding ticket type and complete the registrations and the discount will be automatically applied. *This offer does not apply to Super Early Bird tickets available in some locations.

  • Do you price match?

    We do offer price matching if the comparable workshops take place within the same month, the same city, and is the same content. Inquirers will need to provide proof of the price such as an email or link. We do not go below a certain threshold. Please email should you need clarification.

  • My company is interested in hosting a private training for our employees, how does that work?

    We offer private training for groups of at least 10 people, please contact our sales department for more information. Please note that private classes are responsible for sourcing an appropriate training room & catering. We are happy to assist with this process.

  • What tools do you use for online training classes?

    At Agile Velocity, we use a few different platforms for our virtual training workshops.

    For audio/video connections, we utilize Zoom. Your pre-event email will provide you with the Zoom meeting ID. If you are not familiar with Zoom, please review Zoom’s Getting Started documentation.

    For collaboration, we use either Mural or Miro. (Your pre-event email will let you know which one.) If you’d like to a quick overview of either of those tools, we’ve created getting started videos:

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