Agile Velocity Changes for Growth: A Letter from David Hawks

By: David Hawks | Oct 24, 2019 |  Article

Dear Agile Velocity Community, 

As a coach and trainer, I’ve had the privilege to partner with organizations to help them achieve some really big goals. As the CEO of Agile Velocity, it’s been an honor to grow what was a company of one to multiple teams. 

I’ve accomplished a life goal of building a business and have had a great time doing it, but it’s time to take AV to the next level. 

First, I’m so pleased to welcome Richard Dolman as our new Vice President of the coaching team (we’re working on a title). As the leader of our coaching team, Richard will establish the vision for and grow our coaching practice while also helping coaches strengthen their capabilities. He will also work with our coaches to drive high-level execution of transformation strategies while partnering with our Client Success team to deliver consistent and accurate visibility into our client engagements. 

Second, I have asked Erik Cottrell to be the new CEO. As we have scaled, it has pulled me in many directions and has forced me to explore how I could best serve the company, our employees, and our clients. The area that I feel I can contribute best and gives me the most energy is in a thought leadership role and developing my passion project, the Path to Agility®.

I promoted Erik because I believe he has the experience to fuel growth while continuing to foster and develop what separates us from the herd–our people-first culture.

In my new role as Chief Agilist of AV, I will help maintain our status as a thought leader by continuing to speak and write content. I will continue to workwith our most strategic engagements by engaging with leaders and coaches. Last, and most exciting, I will be continuing to develop the Path to Agility® transformation framework. The Path to Agility® guides organizations on how to actually achieve the business outcomes Agile has promised them for decades but have always been just out of reach. 

My time as the CEO was wonderful and it left me fulfilled and so very grateful. I am excited now more than ever about the future of AV and its ability to help organizations and their teams. 

Your servant leader, 

David Hawks 

4 Responses to “Agile Velocity Changes for Growth: A Letter from David Hawks”

  1. Congrats David, Erik, and Richard. What a beautiful example of living out strengths around the org – and doing what lights you up rather than what’s most ego-filling. What a thoughtful choice you’ve made for your lives and your customers. Cheers & glass clinks!

  2. Congrats David! Always enjoy learning from you and working with you. You’re a class act and this is just another testament with your focus on continuous improvement. (See what I did there?). Hope to catch up soon.

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