The path to agility is often complicated with twists, turns and sometimes cracks in the road.  Objective Agile assessments are often what is needed to keep an organization focused and delivering in support of business agility.  

6 Benefits of An Agile Transformation

Agile Assessment from Agile Velocity

Often referred to as Agile Maturity Assessments or Agile Health-check, our customized Agile Assessment services will identify gaps and untapped opportunities that are often hidden throughout the organization. The right Assessment program can help organizations: 

  • Establish a baseline that will allow leaders to measure impact going forward
  • Understand the state and maturity of Agile adoption across the organization
  • How Agile helps to accomplish strategic business goals
  • Identify skills or capacity gaps
  • Determine next steps and set the context for upcoming organizational changes
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“One of the biggest things I learned during our Agile transformation is that I thought Agile coaches would just help us with processes, but that’s such a small piece of it. It’s the people, the soft skills, the communication problems, the collaboration, relinquishing the command and control that we were doing as leaders–telling people what to do and not letting the people come with their best ideas–that was the biggest unexpected part of the transformation for me.”

Ron DovichAssociate Vice President of AT&T Cybersecurity

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A table describing 3 Agile assessment services from Agile Velocity. Key takeaways and pricing information included for each service.

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