Agile Benefits – Deliver Double the Value

By: Agile Velocity | Nov 05, 2014 |  Article,  Leadership,  Scrum,  ScrumMaster

Are you successfully realizing agile benefits and effectively delivering software?

David Hawks, CST, CSC, and CEO of Agile Velocity, demonstrates how our Technical Player-Coaches work with your team(s) and help organizations realize a 50% gain in productivity.

Say you need to get 50% productivity increase, if I have a team of 6 people, you can add 3 people, but there are a lot of logistical problems with that, and it takes a lot of time. Or you can go Agile.

One of the difficulties of Agile is that you don’t know what you don’t know. We started a project where we were gonna do four 2-week sprints, and at the end of the fourth sprint, we had planned a 2 week hardening sprint, where we fixed everything. We thought we were getting it done, but it wasn’t done-done. We pushed the bugs out, deferring them. So the bug fixing ended up taking 8 weeks. It ended up taking much longer because we weren’t getting things to completion. Going slow to go fast would have been faster. You can realize value earlier.

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