Energize Your Meetings-Exercises to Break the Ice

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submarine in the arctic used to break the iceThis is Part 1 of a 3-part blog series for Scrum Masters, Product and Product Managers, and facilitators.  Use these exercises to break the ice and lead meetings that are fun and energized, resulting in more participant engagement.

Exercise 1: Ball Toss Name Game

This exercise is a great way to breath the ice for newly formed teams. It can also be used to introduce teams across the organization.

Supplies and Room Requirements:

  • Light, soft ball
  • Space for team to form a circle


  1. Team forms a circle.
  2. Go around the circle and ask each team member to introduce himself or herself.
  3. One person takes ball and says another person’s name while tossing the ball to them.
  4. Keep going until the team knows the names of the people in the circle.

Exercise 2: Progressive Story

Progressive story is a good way to start a meeting, regardless of length or topic. This exercise inspires equal participation, as everyone is encouraged to provide input. It is also good for breaking down boundaries given that the exercise promotes uniformity.

Supplies and Room Requirements:

  • None


  1. Explain steps and ask one person to start the story with a 1-2 sentence prompt.
  2. Go around room and each team member continues the story by adding 1-2 sentences.
  3. Keep going until everyone has participated.


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