Energize Your Meetings Series

By: Agile Velocity | Sep 16, 2014 |  Article,  Scrum,  ScrumMaster

energize your meetings with more than coffeeAll of us have led or attended meetings that were boring or a waste of time.  We aspire to lead meetings so people are engaged, actively contributing, and eager to help solve the pressing problems. In this blog series, we’ll share exercises increasing engagement and ways to energize your meetings.  These are great tips for Scrum Masters, team leaders, project managers, and facilitators.

Exercises to Break the Ice – Exercises such as Ball Toss Name Game and Progressive Story

Exercises to Encourage Brainstorming – Exercises such as Ball Toss Game and Pass the Card

Exercises to Prepare for Long Meetings – Exercises such as James Bond and Elephant

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  1. William,

    Sounds like some great exercises. I like the brainstorming exercise. I wonder if you have found that the index card is the right size to hold the ideas?

    I’m a big fan of exercises in any meeting. Thanks for the thoughts.

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