Agile Team Accelerator Service

Team Accelerator

Improve your agile team performance with our Team Accelerator service, designed to accelerate adoption, coach team leadership, and build strong agile practices to enable more predictable and faster delivery of value.

Coach and assess practicing agile teams to accelerate adoption by coaching team leadership roles (ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Manager) and creating communities of practice.

Team Accelerator Key Outcomes:

  • Agile Teams aligned with a clear understanding of agile practices, stakeholders, priorities, and roles
  • Visibility created into team actions for all stakeholders to engage with
  • Teams empowered to self-organize, take ownership of work, continuously improve, and deliver value
  • Teams delivering work predictably and efficiently
  • Value delivered into production faster

Critical Components and Activities of Team Accelerator Service: 

  • Team discovery and baseline assessment
  • Creation of team transformation backlog
  • Team, Scrum Master, and Product Owner training workshops
  • Team Coaching Kickoff Workshops
  • Monthly coaching support of team leaders, ScrumMasters, and Product Owners
  • Enabling team ownership facilitation and coaching


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Why Agile Team Accelerator

Coaching agile teams at scale can be challenging and we know it’s important to feel confident that you’ll get the benefits you’re looking for. Our Agile Team Accelerator service works for existing or newly formed teams alike, whether you have only a few teams or many. We work with team leaders to ensure your teams are enabled and empowered to self-organize, maintain agile ways of working, and predictably deliver consistent value to your business, faster.