Introduction to Agile for Product Managers

By: Agile Velocity | Mar 10, 2015 |  Article,  Product Owner

Introduction to Agile For Product ManagersDavid Hawks presented Introduction to Agile for Product Managers at ProductCamp Austin.

Agile for Product Managers presentation:

  • What is Agile
  • How it compares to traditional waterfall development
  • Advantages of Agile for increased visibility and shortened feedback loops
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Product Owner role
  • Backlog Physics
  • Story Funnel

Product Owner Responsibilities

  • Drives Product Success
  • Creates the Product Vision
  • Creates and Maintains the Product Backlog
  • Collaborates with the team
  • Collaborates with Stakeholders
  • Participates in Sprint Meetings

Characteristics Required of a PO

  • Knowlege
  • Authority
  • Time

Click here to see the complete slide deck for an Intro to Agile for Product Managers.

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