Upcoming Webinar: Ensure Your Entire Organization is Delivering on the Right Things at the Right Time with Lean Portfolio Management

By Agile Velocity | Feb 28, 2023 |  Agile Transformation,  Business Agility,  Leadership,  Lean,  Strategy,  Webinar

Companies needing to compete and win with less time, fewer resources, and more pressure to deliver can find massive benefits by implementing and running a lean portfolio. Organizations are often overloaded with competing priorities and more demand than capacity, so how do you decide what to focus on, when? 

Join our webinar at 11 AM CT on Wednesday, April 5th to discover tips for resolving the friction of competing priorities so you can focus on the most important strategic investments.

During the free 1-hour webinar Agile Transformation Coaches David Gipp and Colleen Johnson will dive into:

  • Signs that your organization could benefit from LPM (Lean Portfolio Management)
  • Why shifting to a value-oriented, outcomes focus matters
  • The jobs to be done to set up a healthy LPM Function 
  • Success measurements to track progress along the way
  • How to start the conversation in your organization


Enable your organization to link strategy to execution


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