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Texas Mutual Chooses Self-Disruption Over Complacency To Stay Ahead


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A man in a button down touches a lit light bulb, meant to convey the need for innovation in business during an age of rapid change and evolution in markets across the world. AgileAgile TransformationArticleLeadership
August 19, 2019

Business Outcomes Part III: 11 Tips for Creating Innovation in Business

We live in a rapidly changing world–one in which customers change their minds quickly and every business has to fight to stay relevant in their market. If someone else has…

Sam and Juliet discuss how they use Agile HR AgileScrumVideo
July 22, 2019

HR Agility: An Example From Silicon Labs

 Is HR Agile a thing?  That’s what Samantha Wiseman (Sr. HR Business Partner) wanted to find out when she took our Scrum Master cert class this January. After spending...
A person holding burning money to represent the waste created from bad Agile. Learn to avoid common impediments to successful transformation to achieve the Agile results your organization needs faster and without waste. Agile TransformationLeadershipWebinar
June 5, 2019

Webinar: Why Agile Transformations Fail: How to Achieve Agile Results

Presenter: David Hawks, CEC, CST We operate in a world of exponentially increasing market disruption. It is more important than ever for organizations to achieve organizational agility, which is why…

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An open hand holding question marks to symbolize the often overwhelming amount of questions that come with an Agile transformation. Learning to ask questions that open up possibilities as opposed to shutting down opportunities is key to building your Agile leadership skills. Agile TransformationArticleFeaturedLeadership
June 12, 2019

Ask Different Questions: Building Your Agile Leadership Skills

The Situation It’s Monday morning.  You’ve just come off a long weekend of work. You were up all night Saturday deploying the product and then had multiple configuration issues to…

Speedometer in a car signifying the need for fast product development and delivery speed in business. AgileAgile TransformationArticleFeaturedLeadershipTeam
May 28, 2019

Business Outcomes Part I: The Need For Speed & Fast Product Delivery

When we talk to leaders about what they want from Agile, most of the time, the top answer is Speed. Businesses need fast product delivery in order to satisfy customers…

AgileAgile TransformationCase StudyFeaturedLeadership
May 23, 2019

Texas Mutual Chooses Self-Disruption Over Complacency To Stay Ahead

“We had happy customers and good software with traditional development. It helped us have a competitive edge in the insurance market, but we can only take it so far. We…

Agile TrainingArticleFeatured
April 25, 2019

Training and Return on Investment

Leaders and managers know the development and training of their employees is critical to the growth and success of their organization. However, as leaders are pressured with time and cost…

Image of a man at work looking overwhelmed by the work around him. Every Marketer knows that Marketing departments are typically responsible for nearly unmanageable amounts of work. Not to mention, there’s always just a little bit more you could do to further promote your brand and drive leads. That’s why we want to discuss Agile Marketing and how Agile processes and practices could help make marketing work visible, predictable, and most importantly, manageable. Read the full article, Agile In Every Department: Agile Marketing, to learn more. AgileAgile MarketingArticleFeatured
March 14, 2019

Agile In Every Department: Agile Marketing

It’s 2019, and Agile has officially transitioned from a software development methodology to a mindset designed for entire organizations. It truly doesn’t matter what business department you highlight—all have similar…

A 2019 planner and a cup of coffee on a warm-toned wood table to get you in the business planning mood as you learn about our top 5 Agile trends to watch in 2019. AgileAgile CoachingAgile MarketingAgile TransformationArticleFeaturedLeadership
February 11, 2019

5 Agile Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

We’ve been watching companies thrive—and struggle—for a long time. 2019 is our ninth year as a company and marks over 15 years of my personal work with clients as they…