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When building products for customers, it's important for Product Owners to remember the value of MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature). AgileArticleProduct Owner
November 22, 2017

The MMF: Minimum Marketable Feature

Welcome to the final installment of our MVP, PSI, MMF Alphabet series. For this article, we’re digging into MMF (Minimum Marketable Feature). The MMF Something I try to help new…

November 16, 2017

Inspect and Adapt: An Introduction to Agile Planning

Don’t make the hardest decisions at the dumbest point (ie. the beginning) in your Agile planning process. When we first start on a project, we rarely have a complete idea…

Image of evolution: User stories are a staple in Agile but it can still be a tough practice to master, particularly for newer teams. Webinar
November 2, 2017

Join Our Upcoming Webinar: Evolution of a User Story

User stories are a staple in Agile but it can still be a tough practice to master, particularly for newer teams. A user story is defined as a short description…

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The cycle of continuous improvement: Ideas to building said ideas to shipping Minimum Viable Products to measuring and gathering data to learning from the data. Create new ideas from what you’ve learned! AgileArticleFeaturedProduct Owner
November 8, 2017

MVP, MMF, PSI, WTF? Part One: Understanding the MVP

When I’m working with new Product Owners, I frequently find that we get caught up in a sea of TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) when it comes time to actually start…

June 29, 2017

Advancing Agile By Evolving The Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto was created over 15 years ago. Most of the focus in the Agile/Scrum world since then has been to improve product delivery; we have fixated on how…

Agile TransformationArticleFeatured
May 12, 2016

Path To Agility™ – Pt. 1

Most organizations adopt Agile in pursuit of one or more of the following: Shorten Time to Market Increase Productivity Improve Alignment with the Business Improve Predictability What we have found…

grocery store - a disorganized backlog fells a lot like walking into a chaotic grocery store with no list and a lot of needs ArticleFeaturedProduct OwnerScrum
November 5, 2015

5 Factors To Help Prioritize Your Scrum Product Backlog

It’s been said that your product backlog is the ultimate to-do list. However, have you ever tried to complete a to-do list without prioritizing each task first? Or going to…

Agile TransformationArticleFeatured
September 30, 2015

Blog Series: 10 Agile Transformation Pitfalls and How to Address Them

The trend of IT and software organizations transitioning to Agile continues to grow. While Agile is a better way to get quality work done faster, the transition to Agile can…

AgileAgile ToolsArticleFeaturedKanbanScrum
October 19, 2012

Agile (Kanban & Scrum) Excel Reporting Templates

We have developed some new Kanban Scrum excel reporting templates for either Kanban or Scrum. Each has an instructions tab to walk you through setup and use. Let us know if…