“Overcome Transformation Impediments with Outcome-Driven Agility” Presented at Southern Fried Agile 2019

By: David Hawks | Oct 22, 2019 |  Agile Coaching,  Agile Transformation,  Leadership,  Slides

As the rate of market disruption increases, it’s now more important than ever that organizations gain the ability to respond, adapt, and thrive. This is why many companies are embarking on Agile transformations. However, few of them ever realize that level of agility and many struggle to realize the benefits Agile promises (speed, quality, engaged employees). For that reason, many organizations give up before they see results. 

In this workshop at Southern Fried Agile 2019, Agile Velocity Founder and Chief Agilist David Hawks explained common impediments to agility and how implementing Agile develops new capabilities across the organization.

Key Takeaways From “Overcome Transformation Impediments with Outcome-Driven Agility”:

  • The impacts of four key impediments slowing or preventing significant gains
  • An understanding of how an organization develops new abilities by implementing Agile practices and how those abilities result in organizational agility 
  • The ability to assess their current state of agility and where to focus near term

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