Horse Before the Cart – An Outcome-Oriented Approach to SAFe® Transformations Presented at Agile2019

By: Mike Hall | Aug 14, 2019 |  Agile Transformation,  Slides

Leaders often ask, “Will implementing SAFe® lead to my desired outcome?” This is like asking, “If I put the cart in front of the horse, will the horse push it?”

SAFe® is all about events, roles, responsibilities, cadence, scaling, and process. It can read like a set of prescriptive rules and top-down regulations–some agilists even claim that SAFe® is not agile!

In this workshop at Agile2019, Mike Hall shared an outcome-oriented approach to a scaled agile transformation. Instead of starting with the framework, Mike starts with a business objective. Attendees explored what agile outcomes will influence an organization towards a certain business objective. And collaboratively prioritized capabilities within these outcomes to drive improvement. Then, attendees used SAFe® constructs to realize the capabilities in order to achieve the desired business objective.

Key takeaways from “Horse Before the Cart – An Outcome-Oriented Approach to SAFe® Transformations”:

  • How to apply an outcome-oriented approach to a SAFe® transformation
  • The ability to map agile transformation outcomes, agile capabilities, and SAFe® constructs to lead an organization towards a desired business objective
  • How to integrate outcome-oriented thinking into your organization 

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