Overcome the 6 Traps of Agile

By: Agile Velocity | May 12, 2015 |  Article

David Hawks, CST, CSC presented how to overcome 6 Agile Traps at the Keep Austin Agile conference.

Accelerate Learning and Overcome the 6 Agile Traps

Presentation includes:

  • Recognize 6 traps holding your organization back from being agile
  • Realize how learning, short feedback cycles and developing a shared understanding allow teams to deliver more value
  • Understand the importance of limiting work in process and getting to done in order to shorten cycle time

The 6 Agile Traps:

  • We make tough decisions too early and lock them in
  • The teams don’t have a shared understanding of their purpose
  • Long/no feedback or validation cycles
  • Drowning in a sea of opportunity
  • Not getting to done
  • Everything is important

Click here to view the slide deck presentation.

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