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By: Agile Velocity | Mar 05, 2013 |  Agile Technical Practices,  Article,  Technical Practices

WAIT! Stop Right There!!! I know some of you saw Ruby in the title and are about to move on, but I encourage you to read on. This could be beneficial to you even if you don’t know or don’t care about the Ruby programming language.

Podcast Description

For those of you who listen to podcasts while driving, mowing the lawn, running, cleaning the garage, or lounging at home, here is a recommendation of something I like and listen to. Like many, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to keep up with various topics and I like to listen to podcasts when I can to keep up.

Our reading audience are technology folks, usually involved with delivering software using an Agile or Lean approach. This podcast recommendation isn’t explicitly Agile or Lean focused, but those elements can be found here in there along with healthy doses of pragmatism. While there is a focus on a specific language I have found a wealth of good knowledge and discussion often applicable to general software practitioners of any technology set.

Agile Velocity has a lot of experience working with Ruby on many projects over the years, which led me to the Ruby Rogues Podcast. This is a group of Ruby practitioners who lead a weekly panel discussion of Ruby and Software Development topics with frequent guests from the community. Many of the regular hosts are well known in the Ruby community and are also authors and conference speakers. Each episode also ends with fun technology (and sometimes non-technology) picks by the panelists.

This is an easy recommendation for anyone who works with (or is considering) Ruby. But there are many episodes that focus highly on general software issues around development, delivery, agile, technical practices, craftsmanship, etc.

Recommended Episodes

Here are some episodes that general agile software practitioners may find interesting:

It was difficult for me to pick just this list because there are so many more great episodes. While this is probably nothing new to people in the Ruby community, I hope I have pointed the rest of you to one of the best software development related podcasts around that most software practitioners can benefit from.

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