Agile & Scrum For Teams (AST) provides a solid overview of the empirical process and Agile project management. It’s comprehensive Scrum training that gives teams in-depth knowledge of Scrum concepts, roles, and practices.

Better yet, trainers are able to tailor the syllabus to the needs of the organization. Need more discussion around Kanban? Trainers are notified beforehand of specific requests and can work to accommodate them within the two-day timeframe.

The AST class can be combined with two-days of coaching for faster, more successful Agile adoption. The 2-day workshop with 2 days of coaching is our Agile Team Bootcamp. Contact us to learn more. This class is only offered as onsite, corporate training. We do not currently offer public AST workshops. If you’re interested in a public Agile and Scrum class, check out our Certified ScrumMaster workshop.

Key Business Outcomes

Here’s how we ensure your training budget is put to good use:

Sticky Scrum Training

This isn’t a PowerPoint marathon. Our trainers use proven scientific training techniques to create class materials and structure that make sure students are learning and retaining the information, instead of taking a 2-day paid vacation.

Hit the ground running

Our trainers aren’t parrots who just recite the Scrum guide. They are ex-developers, former executives, reformed project managers, and more who have worked with hundreds of teams to integrate Agile and Scrum into real organizations.

Consistency Prevents Regression

Agile and Scrum for Teams ensures everyone has the same vocabulary, tools, and processes. Teams are lock-and-step. There is less confusion which means more transformation success.

Need Corporate Agile & Scrum For Teams Training For Your Organization?

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Topics Covered in Agile & Scrum For Teams Training

  • Agile product development vs. Waterfall development
  • In-depth foundation of Scrum framework 
  • Role overview
  • Estimation
  • Lightweight requirements approach like user stories
  • Scrum events overview
  • Release management
  • Agile transformation framework–Path to Agility®

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who will be involved in the Agile transformation should take this course. This means not only project managers, product people, developers and QA folks, but leaders too….especially leaders!

Since this is an onsite, private class we recommend the minimum class size to be at least 11 people. We have a lot of exercises planned and they are not as effective when class size is below 11. While we have trained hundreds of folks from a single organization, maximum size for each class is 60.


The best part of the class was the hands-on experiment after each module. This really reinforces the materials learned.

Associate Systems Analyst

The class was pretty polished. Nothing is lacking really. The lecture was done in an exceptionally informative and engaging way.


Bravo on addressing the core principles of Agile to an audience with different levels of experience in an organization!

Executive Editor

Our Agile & Scrum for Teams Trainers

Mike Hall Agile Coach and Agile Trainer
Mike Hall

“The end result should never be to “Go Agile”. Start with business outcomes.”

Certifications: SPC4, SA, SSM, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CSPO, CSM, PSM1

Agile Coach Richard Dolman
Richard Dolman

“I love helping people and organizations unlock their hidden potential.

Certifications: CEC, CAL1, PMI-ACP, ICP-ACC, CLP, SPC4

Steve Martin

“Scrum is a deceptively easy framework that leads to amazing, powerful, and impactful outcomes. But, it takes a mindset and discipline, not process, for Scrum to work.”

Certifications: CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP, S@S Certified Practitioner, SA

Agile Coach Andy Cleff
Andy Cleff

“What brings me meaning and joy, also happens to be what the world needs most: organizations that are resilient, workforces that experience flow, and teams that solve new complex problems with creative and innovative experiments.”

Certifications: ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, CSP, CSM, CSPO, M3.0, LeSS

David Hawks

I’m passionate about maximizing business value by shortening time to market, improving quality, enabling scalability, and lowering costs.

Certifications: CST, CEC, CAL

Brian Milner

“Scrum is not a silver bullet–It won’t solve all your problems. It IS a silver mirror though–it will make your problems visible.”

Certifications: CST, CAL, CSP-PO, CSP-PO, CSPO, CSM

Reese Schmit

“Stop optimizing for busyness. Optimize for value.”

Certifications: CSP, CAL-1, CSPO, CSM

Building Agility That Gets Results

Training is just the first step. Organizations often confuse being Agile with the foundational knowledge they acquire in training, but we find that transformations require more than what attendants get in a two-day class.

It takes time and guidance to develop new skills and create a culture that supports the transformation and prevents Waterfall regression. Check out our Path to Agility® framework to learn more about the challenges and benefits to expect during an Agile transformation.