Scrum Assessment Series

Implementing the Scrum Basics is one thing, Getting Good at it is hard and Awesome teams are rare. We find that one of the most difficult things with agile is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Over the next 5 weeks we are going to publish a set of blog posts that will help you assess the quality of your Scrum Ceremonies. Each post will be broken down into the elements we expect from a Basic, Good or Awesome Scrum Team. We will also offer some techniques that can be used to improve the quality of these ceremonies and hopefully the success of the team.

The Scrum assessment segments will be as follows:

1. Daily Scrum – How Awesome are your Daily Standups?  The Daily Scrums (Standup) in Scrum are a critical planning meeting for the team. It should be fun and engaging.
2. Retrospective – Is Your Team Good at Improvement? A continuous improvement culture is the most important thing for a team to establish early.
3. Sprint Planning – Don’t Sprint through Sprint Planning! The goal of Sprint Planning as we see it is to not only get the plan created, but also to develop a shared commitment to that plan.
4. Sprint ReviewDo you Have Engaging Sprint Reviews?  The primary goal of the Sprint Review is to show off the work completed in the sprint to engaged stakeholders who are giving their feedback on the work.
5. Release Planning – Improve Your Visibility into Release Planning Planning and tracking these releases can be very difficult, but you can’t tell the business we have no idea what will be delivered.

We will also seek input from the community on what you have done to help your teams improve in these areas.

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