Top 10 Reasons I Love Doing Software Quality Assurance

By: Agile Velocity | Nov 13, 2013 |  Agile Technical Practices,  Article

Software Quality Assurance, Why I love it:

colorful Test tubes, testing for quality assurance


I love quality assurance because every bug I find is one that was not found by the customer.


There is always more to learn about testing techniques and tools.


Being part of a team that delivers a quality product gives me great pride.


Running an automated UI test run kind of feels like the computer is doing your work while you sit and watch.


I still get to program (automated tests).


I like working closely with product visionaries.  By this, I mean both Product Management as well as software architects and developers.


The software does what it should and doesn’t do what it shouldn’t.  That’s just how I think.


Preventing defects is more fun than finding them and writing them up in a bug tracking system.


I can make my team members laugh simply by creating goofy test data.

And the #1 Reason

Because quality is something that everyone wants!

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What are your reasons to love quality assurance?  Comments are welcome!

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