Team Agility Service

Team Agility: Build and Nurture High Performing Teams With Agile Coaching

Agile training introduces core principles, practices, and processes and is critical to aligning teams on a common understanding of Agile ways of working. Agile coaching levels up their understanding by showing how these concepts apply to their specific roles, environment, and goals.

With the Team Agility service, our Agile coaches will work with teams side-by-side through multiple iterations in order to identify performance opportunities, address challenges, and build confidence in themselves as a unit.

The goal: High-performing teams with predictable value delivery.

Team Agility Key Outcomes:

  • Team roles are identified and understood
  • Work is visible to everyone in the organization and there is a mechanism in place to update, maintain, and review work with stakeholders
  • Teams are self-organizing and take ownership of their work and deliver value more effectively
  • Work is delivered with decreased carryover
  • A continuous improvement mindset is established and teams are experimenting with ways to reduce the time it takes to deliver value into production

Critical Components and Activities of Team Agility Service: 

  • Agile training to ensure everyone is aligned and speaking the same language
  • Insight on team structures options and support for leaders and stakeholders in the implementation
  • Coaching of all team members by facilitating and guiding key events
  • Working with Scrum Masters and Product Owners to prepare and update artifacts such as backlogs and burndown charts 
  • Continued mentorship and guidance to level-up Product Owner and Scrum Master skills


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Coach Agile Teams to Success

Training provides context and key knowledge teams need to learn a new way of working, but Agile coaching accelerates their success. By applying new learnings with the help of an expert, teams will adapt faster and avoid pitfalls.