Unpacking Business Agility

By: Andy Cleff | Sep 28, 2023 |  Agile Coaching,  Agile Marketing,  Business Agility,  Business Transformation

I recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with Pam Ashby, a strategist at the Agile Business Consortium, to explore the world of Business Agility.

Video screencap of Business Agility interview with Pam Ashby

Business Agility is a topic that’s been gaining momentum and for a good reason. In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, organizations must be able to adapt and, stay customer-centric to thrive. 

Below are key takeaways from our discussion. See our 16-minute convo for more context and information.

What is Business Agility?

  • Business Agility is the ability of organizations to adapt and respond to external changes swiftly.
  • It ensures that businesses remain customer-centric, focusing on meeting customer needs effectively.

Business Agility vs. Organizational Agility

  • Business Agility emphasizes business outcomes and is a people-centric approach.
  • Organizational Agility, on the other hand, focuses on the internal structures and connectivity within the organization.

Embracing Business Agility Across the Organization

  • Agility isn’t limited to IT or software development—it can benefit all areas, including HR, finance/procurement, and marketing
  • Taking a holistic approach amplifies the impact and increases the ability of a business to adapt and lead change in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising quality

Real-Life Success Stories of Business Agility – Southwest Airlines

cover image of Agile Marketing case study, an example of business agility

  • With Agile Velocity’s coaching support, SWA embraced Agile practices, leading to great optimizations of their online booking experiences. In one year’s time, they saw measurable bottom-line results: boosting annual revenue by millions of dollars.

Business Agility Awards

  • Pam mentioned the Agile Business Awards, which celebrate organizations implementing Agile practices across various disciplines
  • Here’s a link to Elavon Europe’s story of the ups and downs of their 18-month journey towards Business Transformation and Product Model overhaul: “It’s not about Agile”
  • The Agile Business Consortium’s website has additional TED-style video presentations that provide valuable insights into organizations that embrace business agility

Agility, Adaptability, And Customer-Centricity

Business Agility is not just a buzzword—it’s a fundamental approach for thriving in today’s business landscape. As Pam and I discussed, embracing Agile practices across all disciplines can lead to impressive results and a more adaptive, customer-centric organization.

image of Agile Business Conference

If you’re interested in learning more about Business Agility consider attending the free Business Agility Conference in 2024.

If your organization has already taken steps on the journey, consider applying to present at the Agile Business Awards Conference. Share the great things you are doing, no matter how “far along” you are. The application process is rigorous and at the same time extremely valuable: every applying organization gets extensive feedback. (The deadline for applications is Dec 4, 202, and there’s a Q&A Session Oct 9, 2023)


Let’s embrace agility, adaptability, and customer-centricity as we navigate the exciting journey of business transformation.

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